Thursday, April 19, 2018

Delicious food should not be missed while traveling Nha Trang

Nha Trang beach city not only owns many tourist attractions, great small island tourism but also treats delicious food. Travel Vietnam would like to introduce you the food not to be missed while traveling Nha Trang.

1. Fish rolls Another trip to Nha Trang can not ignore the dish of famous fish dish of Nha Trang beach city, simple dishes with broth, fish balls and tiny noodles. Fried fish and famous for making from fresh fish, ensuring toughness. The ingredients are mackerel, anchovies, fish ... are usually processed into two types of steamed pork and fried. Besides, the water always has sweet taste due to being cooked from fresh fish bone, usually mackerel, fish or other famous small fish in the central waters such as yellow fish, paralyzed ... Eat noodles Fish must be eaten with chili sauce. Sweet, spicy chili sauce add flavor to fish balls, so that the appetite is almost fully expressed attractive for travelers to Nha Trang.
2. Noodle soup Tour to Nha Trang tourists also eat jellyfish noodles must choose small type with fingertips, white opaque, thick, look like rice coconut water. Vinaigrette noodles are also used in the broth. The fish is only about three inches long, with the tail tucked around like a bow, no small bones and sweet. Eating bar and not bored. Ingredients also have the sweet taste of fish balls. When enjoying, diners will feel full of fresh water, crispy crispy crispy, cool and spicy pepper in pepper to create delicious.
3. Fish noodles The main ingredient of the dish is gingerbread, this is a famous specialty of Nha Trang very popular. In addition, the bowl also has fried fish and broth. Not cooked from the bun as other types of noodles, noodles are cooked from the bones of this fish should have a natural sweet taste. Comes with a sliced ​​live vegetable dish typical of Nha Trang people.
Cakes Come to Nha Trang, visitors enjoy the cake with the shape similar to the cake of the Southern people. The main ingredient for making bread is rice. The rice is soaked, crushed and crushed on terracotta cakes. The kernel of bread is very rich and diverse, there are many types such as meat, eggs, mushrooms, squid, shrimp ... each kind of food gives people different appetite. The sauce is bright red, mixed with a bit of sweet and sour taste tart. Cucumber is served with raw vegetables such as salads, vegetables, basil, fish houton and green mango.
6. Wet cake

Famous and most known is Dien Khanh wet cake, a district bordering Nha Trang city. Nha Trang people often eat desserts with sweet and sour fish sauce, however, you travel Nha Trang can enjoy this dish with barbecue, roast pork, pig, shrimp, nem ...

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