Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Delicious Southern dishes

Paddy rice is harvested at the earliest, so people choose to fold rice as offerings to the god of the moon and everyone will enjoy the hope that next year the crop will continue to bloom, people settle down.

Not only traditional dishes, with Khmer Nam Bo, flat nuggets are also items to offer the moon at an Ok-om-bok ceremony to remember the moon, the gods regulate the harvest, bring peace blessings for man Khmer people, mainly in Soc Trang and Tra Vinh provinces, mostly live on wet rice and rice fields. Every year on 15/10 lunar calendar (Khmer calendar called the full moon festival) is also harvest time. According to traditional custom, on the night of the full moon, when the moon is rising up, the light shines everywhere, the people gathered in the courtyard or yard to make offerings to the moon, offerings are often cake, fruit, sweet potato and Nuggets up. As the ceremony turned everyone toward the moon praying for the family's abundant health, lush harvest.   After finishing the ceremony, the chieftain or the president called the babies to reach for their hands together with their hands toward the moon and then to give each child a squeeze, then a bowl of banana or fruit with the wish of children around the year. Enough, cheerful happiness and plentiful health. On these days, people in Tra Vinh, Soc Trang and places where Khmer people are living are busy bustling for a big festival. The most notable is Ba So village in Nhi Truong commune, Cau Ngang district (Tra Vinh province) with more than 50 households making comers all year round, with average household income of 5 bushels per day. For decades, the brand of Ba So has spread throughout the western provinces.   Since ancient times, moon ceremony has brought a deep meaning - a spiritual culture so the relatives have spent a lot of affection and effort to reincarnate sticky rice become traditional cake in culinary culture Vietnam and increasingly sublimated. To have a dish of delicious, fat fried rice must be selected for the type of sticky, just ripe, soft grain brought to dry and then to the roasted soil until the scent to pick up fresh leaves. . Scalping is very important and also the secret to quality. Usually, two people are stuttering, one is watching the bag. When you have to fast hand, and sting within 2 minutes is to end, because if the dashed lard glutinous rice will cool down, pestle pounding down no longer works. The next step is to sieve, clean the bran, only retain the seeds of fine white, white.   Before eating, people mix coconut with diced, sand sugar, a little more coconut milk about 15 minutes for soft, foam and plastic. Sweet potatoes can be eaten by spoon, sweet rolls, puffed or banana leaves, lotus leaf wrapped, taste from the leaves will emit a pleasant smell, natural taste and purity. On the Ok-om-bok holiday, after the moon worship ceremony, the monks and the people gathered together to enjoy the fruit cake and rice, along with the moon and the soul of the rice. All dancing together and bless each other in the spirit of solidarity mutual love.

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