Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dine before 4 delicious dishes made from cherry blossoms in the country of Japan

Spring, Japanese travel not only check out the cherry blossoms as clouds, but also love the four delicious dishes made from cherry flowers in the country of Japan.

Whether we have traveled to Japan or not, when referring to Japan we also think of cherry blossoms, the garden is rosy white as the clouds. However, not all people know that Japanese people use these beautiful flowers as a unique material to enhance the flavor of the food and drink of the country's sunrise.   Cherry Tea - Sakura Tea Sakura Tea is a traditional Japanese tea, usually made from salted petals. Cherry tea has a unique taste and unforgettable. As tea flows through the palate, the first feeling we feel is the salty taste, then the fragrant flowers open in the mouth and the subtle taste that remains in a few minutes.   There are two ways to prepare sakura tea: The most popular way to do this is to put one or two cherry blossom into each cup of tea and remove the salt from the flowers as you like before pouring hot water over the flowers. Then you will get a cup of light tea with the fragrant fragrance of cherry blossom and the intense of marinated strong flowers. Although eatable, flowers in tea are often not eaten.   For those who enjoy a light taste, it is best to first soak the flowers in warm water for five minutes. Then you put one or two flowers in a cup of tea and pour hot water on them. The aroma and salty taste can be adjusted by adding some salt water with a spatula.   A common variation is to add one or two green tea blossoms when pouring hot water on the leaves. Sakura tea is not only enjoyed in cherry blossom season, but also a great drink whenever you want to have a peaceful and happy moment. Therefore, this tea is also a popular drink in the wedding party of the Japanese.   Cherry Blossom - Sakura mochi Sakura mochi is an indispensable cake every blooming peach season. This is a traditional wagashi pastry in Japan, with the main ingredient is a pink rice shell that covers the red bean paste inside and outside with salted cherry leaves. When you eat you can enjoy this leaf.   The fragrance of leaves, sticky rice and beans mixed with sweet salty taste of each piece of bread in the mouth will make guests easily fascinated this cake, right from the first time enjoy. Buying a Japanese tour in March or April will make it easy to buy this cake at the annual Hina Matsuri Japanese Doll Festival.   Cherry Sakura Yokan Sakura Yokan is a kind of jelly made from traditional Japanese vegetable meal - kanten. The special feature of this dish is that each transparent yokan will retain an artistic "picture" that many people do not even eat.   Typically, the yokan is decorated with peach petals. Jasmine Cherry Blossom is a characteristic pink, sweet, cool, sweet aroma of Japanese summer specialties.   Cold cherry blossom Not only combined with pastries, cherries are also seasoned into marinated dough into noodles to create characteristic pink. Sakura cold noodles are very popular in Japan on summer days.   To make this type of noodles, it is often added a mixture of shiso and cherry blossom to create a distinctive pink color. This type of noodles are usually served with a simple soy sauce, so you can feel the aroma of cherry blossom through each noodles.   If you love the land of Japan and fall in love with this pure flower, you will be reluctant to book a tour of Japan to enjoy the great beauty of the land of Japan.

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