Saturday, April 21, 2018

Discover the beauty of tourism in Vung Ta

Beauty as well as fresh air of Vung Tau is the attraction for visitors coming here every weekend. Vung Tau is 125 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City by road and 80 km by air. The beauty and fresh air of Vung Tau is the attraction for tourists to Vung Tau every weekend.

Overview of Vung Tau Talking to Vung Tau, people think that this is a tourist and commercial center with fresh beaches, warm temperatures, coastline stretching each golden sand with romantic mountains and islands. ... or more generous, nature also offers here the source of extremely rare hot springs in Binh Chau. Take Vung Tau tour visitors to the most harmonic convergence of the beauty of the landscape as well as climate. Famous for beaches such as beach front, back beach, beach, beach, Vung Tau has enchanted many visitors because of the beauty of the sea as well as the coconut-lined coastal paths, many romantic rocks and airtight. More impressive, is the feeling of peace when watching the sunset at late afternoon or dawn in the morning, the noisy air, noisy no longer seemingly. Sea in Vung Tau With its long history as a city with the advantage of tourism, resorts, Vung Tau today is no different than the tourist city belongs to the "special", making the visitors "once" is remembered forever ". The pride is that this place also creates a bridge between the cultural exchange of the country and the world, of the past, present the future ... through cultural festivals, cultural heritage lively scenes, Unique services are unique. Kites on Vung Tau beach Traveling to Vung Tau enjoy the day here with family gathering tray of rice cooked themselves, full facilities including the need to connect and update facebook .... (wifi, cable TV, gas stove, pots, cups, irons, hairdryers ...). These home comforts are now known by the condo rental system.

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