Thursday, April 12, 2018

Discover Hanoi cuisine in each street

Street food has long been considered a beauty of Hanoi. The traditional beauty is encapsulated in each dish. Street food in Hanoi has become an attraction for friends at home and abroad.  
Beautiful in street food in Hanoi Hanoi has long been known as a historic city. From landscapes that still bear the stamp of history, to each of the rustic dishes is ancient breath. It is not difficult to find the street food stalls, the street food street on the land of Hanoi. Street food is not sophisticated, simple processing but flavor attached to the user. Trolleys, or small ones, have moms and desserts making their own food that makes them feel closer.  

Street food culture in Hanoi Pictures of plastic tables, plastic chairs on the sidewalk have become a familiar image with many people. From the crowded restaurants to the small water bars are crowded to the people. Only the street food new beautiful clarity of a simple old Hanoi, folk that deeply people.

New mothers can know exactly how the taste of a bowl of pho, porridge bowl is correct. So street food is the soul of the land of Hanoi thousand years. It is not as high-end, high-end food as it is in the high-door home, which tastes expensive dishes in a mandatory ritual, beautiful street food because of its simplicity. its. Hanoi street food has become a popular culture with friends all over Europe.   The famous street food street of Hanoi Beer Tạ   Xie is the most famous neighborhood in Hanoi Old Quarter about grass beer. With cheap prices from beer to food, Xie Show is crowded every night. Westerners also love to go to beer brewery to chat with beer. With two customers sitting on the sidewalk with green plastic chairs, on the set of the beer bottles and a few grilled dishes become a special image of the present.     Food Street Hang Buom Located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, at the same time as the night market, Hang Buom food street is visited by many people. Particularly in this neighborhood, there is already street food from many countries like Japan, Korea to the traditional food of Vietnam and Western snacks. With the richness of the dishes that the price is quite soft, Hang Buom cuisine street is always uninterrupted.     Fruity Beetle The beetroot is a no-nonsense snack for those who are in Hanoi. The most famous is the city of fruit slabs To Tich. Stretching the whole neighborhood is the fruit shop adjacent girders, so the neighborhood is always crowded. Su Tu tich is very different from other places because there are many different kinds of fruit, mixed with new ingredients such as fresh cream to create a unique bean cup that only in Su Tich.   Every one of the street food is a beauty of Hanoi. From thousands of years to the present, Hanoi has always been a land of traditional lyrical history, from scene to person, retained in each dish. Street food in Hanoi is a unique feature of Ha Thanh, as well as attracting the attention of friends in the world to Hanoi, to Vietnam.

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