Friday, April 13, 2018

Discover Hanoi's midnight cuisine

Visitors to explore Hanoi at night do not skip meals after midnight, this is also a very attractive point of Hanoi. If anyone ever had a sleepless night, wandering the streets in Hanoi would understand that the pace of life in this place is always moving and there seems to be no pause. Hanoi night is not too noisy, busy but not quiet because many activities still occur in which the nightlife is also an interesting feature of Hanoi.

Here are the addresses just after midnight after opening the goods but still attracting guests to enjoy. 1. Pho Hang Chao It is not strange to eat phở but if you want to enjoy this dish at 3 am, only the pho at the crossroads of Hang Duong, row Chiếu new meet. This is not an excellent bowl of pho but enjoy a bowl of hot pho in the middle of quiet space, deserted, pleasant atmosphere that diners feel more delicious. Pho is empty at around 6am so if you want to enjoy, you can get up early to try Pho flavor. 2. Popcorn Bread Listen to the name has seen something quite odd. The name is so because this past bakery specializes in serving people racing. Open only from 3am to 7am. Bread attracts a lot of people thanks to the egg shell, very plump, egg and fried on the pan very nicely. Guests sitting on the sidewalk just eat looking at the streets of Hanoi late at night. Bread shop opened daily at Cao Thang junction, near Tran Nhat Duat. 3. Long Bien Bun Batter Leading to the 7 most attractive markets in the world, Long Bien market is also an attractive destination for tourists. If you stop at the market over midnight you stop forget to eat a bowl of noodles with pineapple nose nose in the market   Gourmet food at night sometimes still come here when craving noodles, but mostly still laborers eat in order to work. So come here to enjoy the food you will see a corner of Hanoi complete another and seem strange to a flashy Ha Noi that you know. The hustle and bustle of all kinds of food in the market, the hustle and bustle of labor at midnight will give you a more in-depth experience of your life and Hanoi's unique culinary experience.

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