Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dreamy look of the season flowers in Dak Lak in the last days of the year

The golden flowers have just hatched" that is reminiscent of a season of wild flowers in Dalat that captivated the hearts of pilgrims.

   Time, the ideal time to see the wild flowers in Dalat What is the flower season in Dalat? From October to December, the Dalat flower season will begin throughout the Dalat plateau. Especially from October to early November, when the last rains down the mountain forests. At this time the mountain town is dyed the most beautiful yellow shining.   The ideal time for you to experience the charming streets of Dalat is from 9 am to 5 pm, when the sun is up, the flowers are golden yellow, not too Good looking and beautiful. Peaceful kneeling in Da Lat with the most beautiful flowers
One suggestion for you is to go hunting Da Quy Flower Da Lat combine to visit the Dalat tourist attractions always on the trip. This makes it easy to choose the right route for your journey and helps you save time.   The first road: Da Lat - Cam Ly Airport - Van Thanh Village, Ta Nung Town - Elephant Falls - Langbiang Mountain. This is a romantic hunting season in Dalat combining to visit attractive destinations in the suburbs of Dalat. On this road you will be immersed in Da Quy Flower Forest inside the Cam Ly Airport area, where there are paths through the land through the airport, along both sides of the road this flower bloomed throughout. In particular, to the Ta Nung pass, mountain Langbiang Da Kut Dalat flowers also bloomed on both sides of the road, you can stop taking pictures anywhere you like.   The second line of sunflowers in Da Lat: Trai Mat - Cau Dat - Dran Town. This can be seen as the most beautiful sightseeings in Da Lat, the area along the road from Trai Mat to Cau Dat tea, the yellow flowers blossoming on both sides of the road, and this is also the crispy season Dalat is ripe so you will be immersed into the beautiful natural space on both sides of this road. Through the end of D'ran pass is the area of ​​Don Duong town, you will easily meet the road with the flowers yellow flowers on the two sides and the dam Da Nhim is the most beautiful Da Quy.   The third road: Dalat - Lien Khuong - Nam Ban- Ta Nung- Dalat, this is an arc-shaped moving arc, originating from Dalat city passing Prenn Pass to Highway 20 and then right into the country. Route 27, around the back up Da Lat city. And for this sugar, go right in the wild flower season in Dalat, can say wherever you go to flowering flowers swinging solicitations to it. The fourth road: Da Lat - Cau Dat - Đ'Ran - Don Duong - Chau Son hill - Phi Nom - Tu Tra - Da Lat. This is a long line of sunflowers in Dalat, the total journey about 130km and also go 1 arc. With this road you will experience deep valleys hidden under the forest of thousands of silky green, go along the pass road is the clouds are the momentum fly thousands of old pine trees, Each other immense visitors. The golden color of the wild flowers of Dalat from the top of the hill to the pine forest, a piece of yellow flowers dyed a hill, draw near the vegetable garden in Don Duong, then run endlessly along the winding road, winding . Immersed in endless flowers in white daisy Dalat Although not until December to appear, but probably no one will be able to "angry" to the white flowers until a little late. The pure white flower season seems to bring Da Lat city dream of a new look fresh, fresh and fresh with its elegant and elegant. Although Da Lat is not the country of flowers in the North West, but the appearance of a new flower color has added to the attraction of the trip to find. The white flowers in Dalat began to bloom in December to January calendar so if you do not want to miss when traveling Dalat last year, you pay attention. The flowers of the old trees, trees higher than the roof, white flowers in many roads in Dalat. Flowers of Da Lat bloom the most in Quang Trung, Tran Phu, Phu Dong, Hoang Van Thu. If possible, take a walk and look at the flowers early in the morning, when the dew still on the fragile petals, pure. And as the sun rises, as the tiny rays of sunlight enter the leaves, you will see a very romantic and gentle scene. Resonance is also multiplied, when the vision to the whole corner of the road, a long row of flowers blooming white, easy to associate romantic films with beautiful scenes of nature. .

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