Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Duckling Luc Yen: delicious Yen Bai

To make good duck duck, people choose the duck neck, slow gait, tens and hairy. Duck gourds in Luc Yen district are famous for being well-stocked in the streams during the rearing process. They eat snails, shrimps, mosses and many aquatic species, so the meat is delicious and firm, different from other places. So to Luc Yen that do not eat duck meat is not to look like Luc Yen. Duck duck, specialty food of Luc Yen district, Yen Bai, and cultural characteristics of the residents here.

After draining, drain ducks, filter out two parts, meat and bone. Duck meat is sliced, sliced ​​and cut into pieces. Thin and thin with the purpose is to spice spices, mixed with other ingredients of the dish. The remaining bones are also finely chopped. After preliminarily processing duck meat, the task of deciding on a good duck dish is to mix duck meat with the necessary spices such as tamarind, lemongrass, and so on. In which the seeds are indispensable spices, dried beans are dried on the stove for use throughout the year, creating a rich flavor and characteristic for duck grow. Mix well, mix until smooth and smooth, then put all on the leaves and pack into small packages to eat. Once the package is finished, the sprouts are placed vertically and put on the stove to cook. The time from boiling start is one hour. While cooking, pay close attention to the fire and burn the ducklings well. Spicy sauce with delicious fish sauce, add a little sugar, noodles, mashed beans, puree and lemon juice, depending on the taste of the people can add garlic and fresh chopped chili, seed. Duck eats are often eaten on important occasions by ethnic Tay people such as traditional New Year, weddings, meetings or new home. When enjoying the duck dish, sweet taste of duck with the flexibility of glutinous rice flour, mixed with the aroma of the characteristic spices make each one once eat forever remember ...

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