Friday, April 13, 2018

Eat what? Where to go when only one day in Hano

If you only have one day to tour the capital Hanoi, the following places and dishes will be helpful suggestions for you.

One day in Hanoi go? Morning after waking you can find yourself a bowl of delicious noodles. Hanoi is best known for its pho. Wherever you go, eat as many pho restaurants as well as the bowl of pho in Hanoi. Your 24-hour tour in Hanoi should start from Hoan Kiem Lake. Morning here bustle capital residents. They come to exercise, to talk or just to breathe the fresh air, peace that only a few minutes later will no longer. Go to the Sword Lake to see the Turtle Tower, the The Huc Bridge shimmering in the early sun, feel the colorful beats of life you will find peace of mind strange. Continue your journey to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum not far away. This is the resting place of the great leader Ho Chi Minh. The mausoleum is closed on Mondays and Fridays. If you arrive on these two days you can go around the mausoleum and round out to visit the One Pillar Pagoda to admire the unique architecture. Next to Van Mieu - the first university in Vietnam, Tran Quoc Pagoda - a long ancient pagoda in Hanoi, then you can walk around the lake Truc Bach, West next to it. In the afternoon you can wander around the old town, the Opera House, the French Quarter to admire the ancient beauty, buy some souvenirs as gifts or find yourself a coffee shop with beautiful view to see the old town. .   Late afternoon you can walk or bike to the Long Bien bridge watching a busy Red River flowing through a bustling city. In addition, you can also drink tea at the Church Street, try barbecue in Hang Bong Street, eat noodles in Tạm Thương, iced tea on Ly Thai To Street. In the evening, if you come to the weekend, you can go to the night market in Hang Dao Street to buy souvenirs or buy the necessary items. Places to eat in Hanoi Come to Hanoi you can not miss pho. Two delicious pho restaurants in Hanoi are: Bat Dan Pho, Pho Thin. Lunch you can eat Bun noodle or bun cha 47c Mai Hac De, Thanh Van rolls, Gia An rolls. You can enjoy barbecue on Hang Bong Street, eat snails on Dinh Liet Street. Nem Tai Ba Hong 35 Hang Thung. Old Town Cafe in Lane 11 Hang Gai is a long, beautiful view overlooking Hoan Kiem lake. If you want to enjoy a good taste of coffee then you should go to Lam 60 Nguyen Huu Huan. Ending a day in Ha Noi, you can choose to buy gifts of Ha Thanh flavor as gifts such as sugar maize cake, genuine West Lake tea bag, Hanoi streets fall.

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