Thursday, April 26, 2018

Egg salad - an attractive street food in Can Tho

Crispy crispy papaya with sour taste and pungent become famous snack in Can Tho. This is quite popular in the city recently. If you have a chance to visit Can Tho can enjoy it on the roads in the center. From the clinic to the sidewalk, although there are different ways of processing, but this dish is attractive to diners by easy to do, easy to eat.

Although the processing is simple, but the preparation is no less elaborate. First of all, people must choose the old papaya, picking new, hard meat when the new fiber crispy, delicious. Add the seeds, chopped seeds, chopped into cold water with lemon juice, salt or alum to leave the pus and bitter. Then rinse and squeeze the water out to the basket is usable. The salad is especially attractive when combined with shrimp, eggs and pork. Shrimp is usually cooked in the normal way, boiled and peeled. Piglets are thin and boiled until cooked under small fire to keep the crispness without getting shriveled. Eggs are fried with gold, nursed with the aroma of onion and garlic. When sold to guests, they give the following in turn: papaya, some shrimp, pigskin, a few slices of eggs, add a little dried shrimp. Sprinkle with some herbs, peanuts and finely chopped some tablespoons of lemon juice, garlic, chili. Salad is not good without the spicy sauce. The elaborate here is the mixing phase. Fish sauce must be enough to ensure the salty, sweet aroma of the sauce, sour sour vinegar or lemon, the spicy but not too concentrated of chili. Then after enjoying, guests want to add a little fish sauce, although in the stomach still want to eat more. When eating diners less papaya yam, shrimp pieces, eggs, pig skin wand in fish sauce, eat delicious without food. You will find attractive by the harmonious combination between the orange red color of the papaya, the yellow color of the egg, the green of the aromatic herbs and other strange.

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