Monday, April 30, 2018

Emerging snacks attract Da Nang youth

Although new, but the "rookie" has shown the heat and strength when continuously appearing on the social networking site, welcomed young people warmly.

Milk tea bag zipper Milk tea cups have become familiar to young people. But the way to change the tea into a small bag, convenient to bring and suitable for aesthetics, make zipper milk tea became a small movement in Ho Chi Minh City and then spread to Da Nang. After the "take away" type of coffee, zipper tea promises to be a mild fever. New type of milk tea appeared in some restaurants on Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tran Phu (Da Nang). In addition to traditional flavor, milk tea is mixed with many flavors with pearl or jelly. Ice cream Ice cream has a strange name has been imported into Vietnam since 2010, but officially "floating" in Da Nang this summer. Initially, ice cream only appeared in the restaurant menu "to the side", then became more familiar with the youth. The cream uses liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius, so each glass is made very quickly. A full complement of ice cream with apple flavor, blue fog with white nitrite and some accessories such as chocolate, cinnamon ... Nut cream sold at some restaurants on Hai Phong, Hoang Van Thu, Marble. Thai pan coil This cream came from Thailand and was introduced to Da Nang not long ago. Cream rolls appeared to have become a small movement among young people, contributing themselves in the list of strange dishes. For the right ice cream pan, the seller will use the fruit ingredients to fry the ice and then use a small bandage. The mixture of milk is poured on top, the ice pans will harden into ice cream. After that, the cream is spread into thin layer, the seller will use shovel scrape the cream to roll a small round. Waffle Honey Waffle Waffle is a traditional Belgian cakes, enjoyed by European people. If abroad, this cake is often served with syrups, jam or fresh fruits such as breakfast, then to Vietnam, honey bee cake became more popular. The main ingredients for baking include milk, wheat, sugar and eggs mixed in proportion and mold. The product has a floating circle on the surface like honeycomb should be called with the name "honeycomb". Guests can find this cake at the shop on Phan Chau Trinh Street.

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