Monday, April 30, 2018

Enjoy delicious dishes in Mu Cang Chai market - Yen Bai

Enjoy the sticky rice, black glutinous rice or grilled fish of the Thai people are the dishes of North West identity that you can not miss when walking around the market Mu Cang Chai.

Visitors to the northern mountains of Vietnam, do not forget to visit the fairgrounds to discover local cuisine. Below Vietnam Travel will introduce some delicious dishes that are easy to find in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. 1. Xoi colorful Dusk is a popular dish in the holidays of the North West, especially with the Thai in Yen Bai. Depending on the needs that the processor can use more or less color. You can see the popular colors of sticky rice such as white, black, purple, yellow. The talent of the ethnic people is the use of natural materials to dye for sticky rice. With white, people simply use sticky rice. Blue, red rice made from rice, blue sticky rice, red sticky rice. In black or purple, the cook uses the leaves to soak the rice, depending on the degree of color that the color.
2. Black Cake Black Cake is a unique dish of Thai Muong Lo in Yen Bai province. Normally, banh chung (Banh chung) is made only during Tet (Tet), but if you are lucky, you will still find this dish in highland markets.   The special thing of the black banh chung is the shape of the cake and the color. Thai people wrapped cylindrical pancakes, or folded leaves like the dough down the bottom. Rice glutinous rice is soaked with the leaves of the tea leaves to have a characteristic black. The ingredients are carefully selected, including wild leaves, wild boar or armpit pigs. When eaten, the cake will be cut into small fish or whole whole.
3. Grilled fish roasted pac Speaking of Thai cuisine, there is no lack of grilled fish. This unique name means "grilled fish" in Thai. They usually use only stream carp to bake. The cook uses the ingredients featured in Thai cuisine such as cherries, ginger, garlic, herbs to marinate in fish meat. Fish are placed directly on charcoal grilled or grated. Fish sauce is soft, sweet, not drunk and dry. The taste of fish mixed with spices makes the food becomes special, stays in the mind of the guests.
4. Roasted chicken with honey biscuits with gilts With grilled Thai dishes, honey leaves are an important ingredient. Grilled chicken is the sour, sour sweet, sweet. In addition, people often dot chicken with "diagonal cross" - mixed secretions and chicken liver, lemon chili, garlic, fruit merit. Diagonal is a special kind of dots ethnic people, quite comparable and solid. When eating with grilled chicken, you can feel the sweet and sour taste of the leaves bile, the light bar of praise and a little bit of chili.

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