Thursday, April 26, 2018

Enjoy the specialties of Hoian Dam

Why is not the other name is "cake beat", many people have asked the first time to hear this country gift. Simply because the cake before eating must hit it in the right way.

It is said that when the new appearance of rice paper making, the residents here see new hot and white cakes so delicious to try. Immediately add two pieces of thinly crumbled new thin crusted cake grated a layer of wet cake and then use the fist to smash the layer of baked bread crumbs, sticking to the wet cake layer, so that the dish more and more poetic. So, when the rice cake they are "beat the cake" to please your husband, children, grandchildren. According to the guideline "delicious, healthy, cheap", the cake beat quickly occupy an important position in the heart of the people, became breakfast in the morning, some people brought to the field to eat half the work session more ... Gradually, the pancakes are not only found in the villages and lanes but also become famous culinary specialties. Whether in the restaurant or in the people's homes, sidewalks ..., battered sandwiches have contributed to honor Hoi An's land "hundreds of delicious things." Dishes look simple but each step of cake is very thorough. To make the cake taste sweet, white face, smooth scent to choose the kind of rice, plasticity moderate. Rice is washed thoroughly, soak for several hours to soften. Often, the glazed rollers have to get up very early. Rice paper, using thin glue powder and cover up, do not leave the cake too ripe. At the ripe one hand using the thin bamboo skillfully trickle down the edge of the cake to get the cake out of the mold, the other hand poured new batches. As such, the soft, transparent, thin silk cake was born. A large block of cake containing a few hundred leaves was left in a brass pan, the seller must use his fingertips to roll lightly at the edge of the block to remove the leaves of paste onto the hot rolls of crispy bread. Very light, with hands on the cake baked cake, now the cake up the smell of sesame. The highlight of this dish is the sauce. The fish sauce is made from charcoal fish caught at Cu Lao Cham seaport. How to mix to a comparatively brown, brown color of the sauce, red measurement of satay and most importantly the taste must be all "Quang quality", a bit thin, salty but a bit sweet and hot spicy So just toss the bread into small pieces of about two fingers, dot sauce into the mouth chewing. Alas, the fatty taste of rice in the new season, crispy baked rolls, the plasticizer of the wet cake added to the salty taste, sweet, spicy sauce of fish sauce, occasionally encountered a few pieces of onions fragrant nose. Almost every guest who eats the cake also smiled because of the spicy but still hand holding the cake for the mouth. It is not surprising that in Hoi An rustic beater, very popular is present each morning, every evening and becomes a delicious snack to many visitors. Wandering in the streets, next to the row of restaurants with high-end specialties, dumplings - cauldrons, wonton, corn, Quang noodles ... you will find the corner of the cake sale. Or just strode across Cam Nam bridge, across the Hoai River dreaming easily recognize dozens of restaurants specializing in selling rice crackers, which are also crowded. Not too tasty, but always crowded. People come and go still recognize a dating from the cake is very simple, but also packed the heart of the street people.

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