Sunday, April 22, 2018

Experience scuba diving to see coral on Phu Quoc Islan

Phu Quoc tourism, in addition, to admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy seafood, diving, coral viewing is also an indispensable activity. Here are some scuba diving experiences that will help you get a good trip.

Scuba diving activities to see the coral in Phu Quoc The diverse marine ecosystem of the An Thoi archipelago with 12 large and small islands in the south, or Hon Tay island, Doi Moi island and Thay Bay island in the north of Phu Quoc island is an ideal place for visitors to dive into the coral reefs. . Especially in the coral reefs here the top of the country because of the richness of 17 different types of soft, soft and sea anemone.   Dive into the coral many people worry about not swim or diving into the sea is not dangerous. If you are worried so you can be completely assured with today's modern diving techniques and the enthusiasm of the coaches you will certainly have a safe, interesting experience.   Go diving equipment You will be equipped with diving suits that include bodysuits, diving glasses, masks, vent tubes and propellers. After wearing all that equipment on you get to know them and prepare the psychology ready to dive.   The best time to dive The best time to dive in Phu Quoc is from May to July when the sea is calm and clear, with a view of 20-30m. For an enjoyable experience, you can take part in a scuba diving tour organized by a travel agency or a hotel in Phu Quoc that offers scuba diving activities.   Experience the scuba diving under the ocean When diving into the ocean you will experience watching the colorful coral under the sea. Coral reef ecosystem in the Phu Quoc Sea has 252 species of 49 species and 14 families of hard coral, 19 types of soft coral with an area of ​​362.2 ha accounting for 76%. The highlight of these coral reefs is the appropriate habitat for many species of fish and marine life. There are 172 species of fish belonging to 71 genera and 31 families in which they have a high economic value such as grouper of 13 species, rabbit fish of 8 species, fish of 8 species and 7 species of snapper. Marine algae and mollusks are also one of the most attractive things to do when you dive into the sea.   Important note when diving Snorkeling is a dangerous sport for those who are not confident so when diving you should follow the rules of the guide, always dive with the group, swim slowly and do not go too deep, do not drink before diving. , do not destroy marine animals, when you go to shore should wait about 24 hours to recover before the body to participate in another sport.

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