Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Experience the unique mud bath paradise at Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa

Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa is uniquely designed in a harmonious blend of natural scenery, an attractive destination with a 4-star spa and mud bath service to make travel a breeze. so more interesting.

Located right on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, overlooking the beautiful beach of My Khe, Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa selects a private path in architecture, favoring harmony with nature and creating a highlight. in the overall landscape. With lush green gardens, the 5-storey building is dedicated to mineral spa and spa packages. This will be an exciting destination to bring your Da Nang travel more perfect. At the same time, this is a type of health care service contributing to the enrichment of products "Da Nang sea tourism". Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa is the first mud bathing beach on the Da Nang city tourism. Title as a green oasis, mineral mud bath is located between the natural space with trees, waterfalls, mysterious caves. Galina mineral mud is an inorganic mineral mud extracted from natural mineral mud, the main component is sodium silicate carbonate contains micro-mineral mineral so high antiseptic properties. Sludge from the mud deposit in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa), which is processed through centrifugal technology to filter the best mineral sludge, then treated with ultraviolet ray and heated to sterilize. Therefore, customers come to Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa can be completely assured about the quality of mineral mud. In addition to the main service is high quality hot mud bath, customers also enjoy the form such as soaking and body massage in the Jacuzzi, foot massage with reverse sprinkler system, hydrotherapy system, hydrotherapy outdoor swimming pool ... Coming to Galina Da Nang Mud Bath & Spa, guests will be pampered with 4-star beauty treatments. Guests will step into a completely different world, with living space green, listen to the melodious wave of sea waves and aromatic plants bring peace, relax in the soul. In particular, your whole body will be relaxed in a gentle way through the gentle massage movements of a team of professional technicians.  The 41 luxuriously designed and elegantly designed spa rooms, including 12 unique Vietnamese, Japanese and European VIP spa rooms. At these VIP spa rooms, you will experience all services such as massage, therapy, sauna, mineral mud bath ... in a separate space. Mud bath, soaking in the warm water lake is not only attractive, but also restore health quickly for visitors on the resort vacation in Danang beautiful hotel. Have a try and experience at Galina Danang Mud Bath & Spa mud bath just watching the sea and hear the waves whispering will bring visitors interesting experiences.

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