Sunday, April 15, 2018

Explore Tra Que Vegetable Village - famous tourist destination of Hoi An

Tra Que Vegetable Village is an attractive tourist destination in Hoi An, where you will have a truly new experience.    
Location of Tra Que Vegetable Village

 Tra Que Vegetable Village is located 2km north-east of Hoi An Ancient Town, between Tra De Que and Tao Que Vineyards, Tra Que Vegetable Village in Tra Que Village, Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An City.

Characteristics of Tra Que vegetable village

Que tea is a famous brand for a long time with many vegetable products are grown on fertile land, fertilized with seaweed from the river so it has its own flavor.   Today, Tra Que Vegetable Village has become an attractive tourist destination for those who want to learn and experience the life of vegetable growers.

Experience in Tra Que vegetable village

In Tra Que Vegetable Village, there are many households providing homestay services for tourists to participate in clean vegetable cultivation and experience the life of vegetable growers. You will be a real farmer in the farmer's clothes, slippers, leaf cones are taught by the villagers to hoe, vegetables, and vegetables.

For those who do not grow up in the countryside, this will be a very new and exciting experience, surely after the trip, you will feel more loving than the peasant farmer, skillful work with quite hard and meticulously.   If you do not like to grow vegetables, you can choose the restaurants around the vegetable garden to enjoy the delicious dishes of Hoi An with fresh vegetables grown in the house: sweet shrimp, pork and wild nature mixed with the aroma of purple rice, fried mussel with vegetables, passionate onions, once eaten unforgettable ...

The famous dishes in Hoi An are gathered here and especially using raw materials is Tra Que vegetables. This is why Hoi An specialty food at Tra Que is much better.   Every year, on the 7th lunar month, Tra Que people organize the Bong Bridge festival to pray for the good weather, bumper harvests ... visitors can come here to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the festival. this ...   Tra Que vegetable village tourists can go to Tra Que vegetable village by bike, boat ... and this vegetable village with unique aromatic herbs cultivated by the technology of growing fresh vegetables is a new type of attraction. Many domestic and foreign tourists

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