Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Fallen Rabbit" on the road dyed pink cherry blossom Da Lat blooming

There is not a word that can describe the beauty of Da Lat Mountain. There is always a strong attraction, charming visitors everywhere by fresh air, poetic landscape. These days we warmly welcome the weather in preparation for the spring, this time in the streets of Dalat will dye pink color romance cherry blossom.

Name of the lovely DaLat cherry blossoms have ever since?

Arriving in Da Lat in spring, the cherry blossom tree bloom, pink dye in the mountain city sky. DaLat Cherry Blossom has a quite special origin. The tree trunk is like the northern peach, flowers have five wings like apricot. Maybe from then, the name cherry apricot blossom is given to this beautiful, lovely flower.

Landscape of the mountain city of Dalat in the dry season, about October, cherry leaves yellow leaves, began to shed leaves, only the branches of flowers and hibernation. Around January, when the sky is turning the season, this time cherry apricot "awakening" after a long winter sleep, bloomed a whole corner of the sky, signaling spring has returned.

Now, you do not have to cross the border to see the sunrise to see the cherry blossoms, the symbol of the country of Migrants. Around January, we go to Dalat plateau to witness the flower similar to the cherry blossom of Japan. The pink cherry blossom apricot blossom a whole corner of heaven Da Lat
The warm spring atmosphere is enough to make the traveler stop the strangely strange. Now, the roads are lit up with flowers blooming all over the branches of the tree to adorn the mountain really romantic.

In the light spring sunshine, the cherry blossom apricot blossom color, this is also the time when the city of flowers are dressed in bright pink shirt, beautiful than the part. The flowers blended with the sunshine, became shimmering, fragile and alluring. We really see the true color of each petal when the sun's light is straight, no longer as light as the early morning. Where do you go to Da Lat? Cherry tomatoes have become "specialties", the private brand for mountain town, this city of flowers. To feel the full flavor of this flower, visitors can chrysanthemum cherry apricot blossoms in the following locations:
Le Dai Hanh Street

The two sides of the road in the ancient district of Cadasa, the cherry blossom apricot blossoming, blooming. Feeling standing in the middle of the flower road, holding hands with him, like a lost paradise sprinkled with aromatic herbs, aromatic asphyxiation. Tuyen Lam Lake A view of Da Lat cherry blossom is considered the most ideal is the area of ​​Tuyen Lam Lake, known as the largest freshwater lake in the city. The cherry blossom trees around the lake, blooming swam along the breeze blowing up from the lake, making the picture extremely romantic, fascinating look visitors must stop, check-in the picture. the most beautiful shimmer saved this moment. Do not forget to visit the road Le Dai Hanh, the fragile petals and gently slipping, the dew drops, brighten this small road. Strolling, watching and saving pictures is making the trip to Dalat more meaningful and deep. On the Perfume River
Travel Da Lat on apricot blossom cherry color is the moment is hard to forget. Strolling along the path full of pink, romantic, happy, hand in hand with him to make the heart must be flushed, warm heart in mountain town full of dreams.
What is more wonderful to see, drop along with the soul along the river Huong. The scene is more beautiful when admired the pink cherry blossoms adorn the scenery more poetic, like the penalties of the real talent artists.

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