Thursday, April 12, 2018

Find Hanoi in the rain suddenly

If you ever come to Hanoi on a rainy day, you will never forget the ancient, very thoughtful, rustic as the only substance that only Hanoi has. A beauty that can not be confused with anywhere. How many people remember.

  Hanoi - the heart of the Vietnamese   The French have Paris, the British have London, the Chinese also have Shanghai ... They talk about their city in earnest that most lovingly ... We must hear the French-speaking Paris, people in Paris, understand How much is this love and the divine? The people of Vietnam also have Hanoi, the heart of the country because Hanoi is beautiful. Hanoi is beautiful in the autumn leaves of yellow leaves cover a corner of the sky, or the cold of the winter. But perhaps the most remembered memory is still Hanoi on a rainy day because rainy days as our souls languish in the streets of Hanoi.

  Hanoi in the cafes Ha Noi street cafe. A white rain is falling down, the alleyway lacks a message, sadly in the heart of people. Perhaps this is also the most appropriate time to find an ancient Hanoi somewhere in the soul of each person, calm the bustle and bustle of daily life. Sometimes we do not understand why the rain of Hanoi has made us heartless, so peaceful   Hanoi when hiding in the room   A sad Hanoi rainy day when sitting in the room, watching the drops of water slowly fall on the glass door, cup of coffee drops down the bottom, then glimpse the price of life that so slowly, so slowly as the drops This country, then people will be relieved to know how much? Open the radio, listen to all the songs of Hanoi.   Hanoi and "Hanoi has six streets"   Hanoi rainy day with the book "Ha Noi chap six streets" of Thach Lam. Disturbed, he probably must love and stick with Hanoi to write the treasure of heaven and earth essence of Hanoi, so that the Hanoi people may be forever after the book to read so that. sympathy and regret with a beautiful Hanoi. For now, Hanoi has left too many things. It can not be any other, the whole society is changing so much, very fast, just for any Hanoi. Those things you can regret, but to read to know about a Hanoi has been, inscribed deep. To maintain modern Hanoi, make it good up day by day.   There are also cities and capitals that the whole nation proudly and lovingly mention even when it still has some hidden corners that they do not know. But they love it as their home, which is sacred in everyone's heart. Our Hanoi is the same, every movement of Hanoi are the whole country watching every day, every moment of Hanoi are worth cherishing. Especially the rainy days suddenly, we tend to rub often.   I love Hanoi where I live - although knowing that it is not as beautiful as a paradise.

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