Sunday, April 15, 2018

Find out the most beautiful Sapa homestay is HOT now in the land of fog

The hottest country in Sapa seems to never end with tourists. In that homestay service has grown to attract more visitors to stay, experience instead of book calendar in upscale hotel or motel. Sapa super-cute, super cute homestay is very interesting and impressed young people are impressed.

  Sali House Located at the end of Ta Van village, Sapa is only about 20 minutes by car, owning a name called "western west" makes the first point, conquering tourists by the name Sali House as easy to remember and loved as the village itself. it's body. You can zoom in and explore the blue of the Northwest Mountains, whether in any homestay location. This is an unforgettable experience in the heart of any traveler when there is a chance to stay here. It is interesting to have a look at the ancient rock formations discovered by the French-born French Indochinese Victor Goloubev, whose age is under 2,500 years. Beauty does not stop at that point, the homestay Sali House is a small stream flowing day and night without knowing what is tired. The tourists who like to conquer the hills, want to challenge themselves can go to Giang Ta Chai to Cloud, feeling very exciting and thrilling. There are more special things, visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about the life of indigenous people, enjoy the rich taste of mountains and forests of the Northwest. After a series of discoveries, conquering so much effort, you can use the "unique" service of the people that is foot massage. Urban life, many people want to find about Sali House to enjoy the airy, peaceful and pleasant moments. Every morning, you go to the market, cook, read and enjoy the good things in this country in the cool air just cool in the country of Sapa. Such a trip is enough to make the traveler too impressed and remember forever. The Haven Sapa Camp Site A homesstay in Sapa is also a must for visitors to be pampered by beauty, which is The Haven Sapa Camp Site. Located on the way to Cat Cat village, about 2 km from the center, The Haven is located on Vong Cau hill promises to bring guests the perfect experience. Sapa is very beautiful in the look of travelers, standing in the corner of The Haven, you also feel the beautiful and special view, check-in for the shoot "super substance". Whether you like going out, going out with a group of friends, a group or a co-worker, Haven is a great fit. Currently, The Haven has 2 dorm rooms with 30 beds. Price is also very suitable for each person, fluctuating about 150,000 VND / person/night (including breakfast). Besides, there is also the Outdoor Bar & Camp Site (outdoor bar and camping area); 360 Lounge (bar with 360 ° views on the top of the hill between Muong Hoa valley), Cinema & BBQ Terrace and Haven Restaurant. Listen to the description, you also feel the warmth of Sapa homestay then. So do not hesitate to do a tour, visit, enjoy and stay at The Haven to have a memorable and impressive experience in this journey of conquest. Sapa Heavenly Homestay A homestay in Sapa is visited by young people to visit and stay, it is Sapa Heavenly. Located in Ta Phin village, about 17 km from the center of the town to the east, Sapa Heavenly is beautifully designed, made of high quality Pooh wood - a good anti-mosquito wood. Staying in Sapa Heavenly, guests have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the countryside in Sapa. During the day, you can experience interesting activities with local people such as rice planting, vegetable planting ... At night, beside the fire, sit together, grill food, create a very cozy space and closer. Eco Palms House - Ban Lao Chai Located not far from Ham Rong and Sapa Rock Church, Eco Palm House is located in Lao Chai Village. You are extremely impressed with the extreme view overlooking the mountains Hoang Lien Son majestic and romantic valley Muong Hoa, fascinating. Designed and decorated as typical mountain bungalows featuring 5 bungalows. Because the house uses wood, bamboo objects are close, simple, rustic cool in the summer and warm in winter. In addition, you can sit on a lazy chair in the room, sip a cup of hot coffee, enjoy the beauty of painting, sure Eco-Palms House brings guests the feeling of peace, peace, as Contact the scene.

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