Friday, April 13, 2018

Five famous barbecue restaurants in Hanoi

Spaghetti is one of Hanoi's delicious dishes. If you have not tried this dish in five of Hanoi's most famous restaurants, it will be extremely regrettable.

Hoa Ma
Space is narrow enough, only 2 -3 tables sitting in the house, so that guests have to sit on the sidewalk, taking chairs to eat tables are quite hard. But that does not seem to make the diners come here flinch. The crowds, the owner of the restaurant management staff to serve as the fastest to the least wait, so many customers say "cold".

Hang Chieu Spitbread

Formerly known as the Old Quarter in Hang Fish, after moving to Hang Chieu, the name changed to Binh Tay. The shop is located in the heart of the old town crowded with travelers, with space ... extremely economical, just a small room less than 10m². In the house can be used to make tables, at night or when crowded, the plastic table outside the sidewalk. It's so cramped that it never gets discouraged.

Spaghetti with Mai Hac De

 is also a favorite place for many people, as it is located in the top of the long and famous noodle bar in Hanoi. Every morning and noon, this restaurant is always busy, especially the office workers.  
Quan located at the end of Dinh Liet bridge bridge, the idea in such a convenient location, the price of a bowl of noodles also have to "cut the neck." But no, a bowl of spicy noodles here are just as expensive as other restaurants, that is from 30-40 thousand only.

A generous bowl of spaghetti with a generous chunk of lettuce, four pieces of firewood, a piece of fried chicken, a liver, boiled eggs, shredded vegetables, cheddar cheese and lots of meat. A full bowl of 40,000 VND will make your lunch to breathe.

Leopard Le Duan

Quan located at the beginning of Le Duan intersection with Dien Bien Phu, if you have the opportunity to go through it will be difficult to resist the smell of nực emitted at the corner. Quan has a large space in the house, in the evening is added a few tables and chairs outside the sidewalk so the seats are quite spacious and comfortable, not crowded like the eateries on the old town.

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