Thursday, April 12, 2018

Five tourist destinations near Hanoi during the 2018 New Year should not be missed

New Year is approaching, the moment of transfer between the old and new year, welcome the good things in front. With 3 days off, Capital City residents have many options for short stay. The article will reveal 5 points of tourism near Hanoi can not be ignored on New Year's Day to have a wonderful experience in New Year.

Simple, convenient and easy means of transportation, whether it be motorbikes, buses, coaches or cars, you can drive yourself or rent to destinations near Hanoi, suitable for trips. Short days or holidays, Tet like this. Along with that, the friendly friends or comrades carry their bags back up and conquer the attractive roads with meaningful moments.
Ba Vi A tourist destination near Hanoi is the favorite capital of Hanoi, which is Ba Vi. A clear space, cool is the superiority that Ba Vi National Park brings. This would be a surprise and exciting destination for your family picnic or group of friends during the New Year holidays.
The ancient church landscape, mossy and nostalgic remnants of ancient times, the huge ancient woods or the large greenhouse model in Ba Vi are the contexts for you to launch the ultra-shimmer shoots. save the moment of youth. Staying overnight, camping and BBQ partying are moments, an unforgettable experience on the journey to the wild and mysterious nature that needs to be explored. Tam Đao Tam Dao tourism brings tourists to beautiful scenery like the place with the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests, so poetry and breeze floating with breathable romantic and comfortable. Want to flee the bustling, noisy and dusty capital of the capital, this would certainly be a tourist destination for New Year's Day.
For those who are driving, you can easily conquer the winding streets. Beautiful scenery, fresh air, is like a Dalat in the North. Feel the clouds, drink coffee and stroll on the streets around the town and do not forget to enjoy the food made of chewing gum will certainly be unforgettable and impressive experience. Mai Chau Young people love natural beauty, as well as want to learn the culture of ethnic minorities Mai Chau will be the place to meet those criteria.
The sloping terraced fields with green scent, hidden huddle are the floor houses, where you come across the shape of the glittering brocade outstanding, excellent coloring for beautiful scenery picturesque. In the villages of Thai people, visitors also listen to the unique legends, unique to bring you a very interesting experience. For those who like to move, when Mai Chau do not miss the opportunity to check-in white stone to have the photo posted on social hot sites like thousands and share.
Sapa Can not be admitted that Sapa is a destination for tourists, but it seems hidden inside the land of fog is still hot for visitors of different ages. The harmonious landscape, the majestic mountains, the green of the forest as the picture is arranged in harmony arranged in a clear and detailed layout.
The terraced fields are nestled on the side of the mountain, the interwoven floor houses, glittering the ethnic minority people feel the scene calm to the strange. In this misty town, the richness of tourist destinations, fun, rest, cuisine makes it difficult to resist. Especially, in Sapa there are a number of sparkling cafés, so beautiful that visitors can sip and enjoy and enjoy the beauty calmly and slowly.
Nam Dinh
Only 100km from Hanoi, Nam Dinh is the destination for many youngsters to choose for the New Year holiday. Experience the ancient and modern church buildings such as Bui Chu church, Hai Ly church, Hung Nghia church, Kien Lao temple, Trung Linh church ... the discovery of the city Nam Dinh tranquility, the color of old time will also bring you a meaningful journey on the New Year. And of course, come to Nam Dinh, you also do not forget to enjoy famous homemade beef pho noodle soup almost all over the country and spread to the whole world.
New Year 2018 is an opportunity for people to gather together, gather together, reunite after a year of stressful work, worry about how many lives of rice rice money. To tighten the solidarity, sentiment, why we do not carry backpack and go to conquer five tourist destinations near Hanoi can not be ignored on this New Year's Day.  

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