Tuesday, April 17, 2018

For a picture check in Da Lat beautiful to remember these five tips

Dalat with beautiful nature, mild weather and classic villas, romantic lakes are always a great place to get the most beautiful Dalat check-in photos.
However, many people still do not have the photos taken when traveling to Dalat. Therefore, you need to memorize the following 5 tips if you want to have the best picture Dalat check-in.

  The "hunt" clouds and fog are easy to find  
Traveling from Da Lat in March, April and sometimes lasting through early May visitors still have the opportunity to check in Da Lat beautiful in the fog. You need to find high points with beautiful view, pine forest or lake ... When dawn it is easy to meet the dew and sunlight ray through the pine forests.
  The easiest way to find the most popular street is Da Phu Hill, which leads to LangBiang, or closer to the city than the trails behind Trai Mat.
Difficult to walk a little is the lonely tree through the Golden Stream Bridge to enter. If you can find the way to KlongKlanh road to Nha Trang to take pictures in Dalat. If you want to capture the whole city of Da Lat in the fog, there are some high points like Du Sinh or cable car station.   Check in Dalat with octopus in October, the month of December
In addition, Da Lat also has cherry apricot (1-2 months), purple phoenix (March 2-3), lavender (April), dandelion (December-April), mimosa (April) -5), rhubarb (May-July), white and maple (October-December), ...

Take a picture check in Da Lat beautiful also need seasonal to have special moments and special. The valleys and roads of Dalat will be crowded in October and November, and the grasslands will appear brightly in December in the areas near the Golden Spring.   Get up early, go to dawn to check in Dalat   In Da Lat, you remember to rent a good motorcycle, fill up with gasoline, because the most beautiful scene of the day in Dalat is dawn. Meanwhile, the beautiful shooting locations in Da Lat are often far from the city. In order to capture the dawn, Tuyen Lam lake is an easy choice. Nothing is happy by watching the flying dew or the bright pink like snow in the morning light.   If you photograph the grass in the Golden Stream, it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour to move from the hotel, or more to Mount Bo, or to the elevation of Tuyen Lam Lake, it must be from 3:30 am. Close to Trai Mat is also about 4:30 am.  
The last secret to beautiful photos in Dalat is the camera. Many of you think that landscape shots need wide angle lenses, that's right but not enough. Because of the mountainous forest plateau, to have a good angle of layout, many times the telephoto lens is more necessary to capture the clouds or beautiful neighborhoods.

For the most beautiful Dalat check-in, you should ask your friends to live here to guide you where and when to take photos. Because no one can master the terrain and change the weather with local people. If you do not have an acquaintance in Dalat, you can also ask the host or someone you know is familiar with the trip, you know where you have a new photo shoot.   Equipment needed for beautiful photos  
As mentioned above, dawn is the most beautiful moment of the mountain town. So, if you want to have the best Dalat check-in image, remember to bring good tripods and filters to the landscape

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