Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fried eggs in the middle of the night

Now remember Dong Hoi, I do not crave pancakes, sweet potatoes, porridge soup or fish hot pot, but just waiting for a day only to sip crispy fried rice crisp, fragrant at midnight.
We ran a circuit from Hanoi to Quang Binh, arrived at the hotel was about midnight. You urge bathing to change clothes, there are fellow indigenous people go to eat dinner, there is fried sticky rice "forget the sorrow." In a hurry to climb up the car, running around the empty streets, saw the stop in front of a shop is full of cars. Busy people come in and out. Talking to Dong Hoi, Quang Binh, people are often told about specialty dishes such as pancakes made of brown rice, sweet potatoes, soup, potato or potato salad in June, no one introduced specialty The name sounds familiar, and seems to be more popular in other regions: fried sticky rice. However, the impression of a new local people's food or a cough. At the table for a while and still see the little girl, the boy busy with dust bag, do not have enough time to contact the customer. Diners are mainly young men and women to play late at night to eat. On the menu, there are quite a few dishes, mostly related to chicken, egg yolks, egg yolks. But there is a special dish posted on "menu", and you have been the Dong Hoi terrestrial soil confirmed: fried sticky rice. I was curious about the kitchen, the girls standing in the kitchen are choosing chicken to make pho, each bowl must be a garlic cut to the ribs, about ¼ chicken but not play. The other stood next to the kitchen cooking, sweat sheet, fried egg stir fry an egg with onions, leeks. A roast on the stove, the heat is drowned, gold rugged at the corner of the wall. I was close to watching his pretty like a crescent moon cake, using a spoon to scrape a small sticky to the mouth. Glutinous and fragrant, no special fragrance found, but do not understand how the gold rustle. The question of "do I have to use yellow" is in the air, because the kitchen stallers are hurrying to prepare the food for the guests who are pulling out of the crowded pavement, and some people stop buying carts. The food was brought back to leave when the seller replied: out of stock. While waiting for the fried plate of specialty fries, my sister, a gourmet and with the animals and the water as well as knowledge of food in every country enough to make our children eye eyes. Flat flush explained. She said, fried sticky here do different places, using eggs to spread evenly on the sticky when fried, the eggs are spread evenly and ripe soft by the heat sticking to the sticky stick, into a "whole" Separated, sprinkled less meat can be placed on the plate. Left then the plate rolled fried eggs are brought out. At first, glance is like a piece of gold cake that made all the people who had a day running from the North to Central Vietnam to swallow the bar. Spread thinly with the pan, over the egg and spatula should be easy to enjoy and not feel laced by the combination of glutinous rice and grease has been softened with eggshells. Using a hand to roll a piece of bread, the crispy bottom is fried crispy, the upper layer is still soft and dewy by the layer of eggs, add the rich taste of meat mixed in with enough nutrients position. Delicious cannot describe. Each table was filled with small pieces, while my friend hurriedly urged the fried kitchen to add more plates to stack the fried sticky plate that was empty. Everyone nods. Just that, the fried sticky rice dish of Dong Hoi at midnight has become a "eat to remember" when thinking of that land.

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