Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Garlic scallops, Southwest sea island dishes

One of the most nutritious, nutritious snails in Phu Quoc, Hon Tre, Hon Nghe, Nam Du (Kien Giang) and Ha Tien, Ca Mau. .. Garlic cloves are quite large (10 - 15 pcs / kg), shiny pink color, glossy at the top, the end is twisted. When the snail's mouth is open, it often reveals a mass of pale pink meat.

Called garlic, people in the sea explained by the shape of the garlic, some people think that when cooked meat it delicious as the smell of garlic. The most common dishes from garlic snails are grilled onions or fried with lemongrass. The specialty restaurants along the southwest coast and Phu Quoc Island, Nam Du ... almost every place sells snails barbecue, the most attractive is the roasted garlic snack on the charcoal stove. When baked nine people put the greasy sauce in the mouth of the snail and spread more roasted peanuts to make the meat smell the good smell, smell only good to see. Fresh snacks are available from the island so that the barbecue has its own unique flavor, each restaurant usually just "invest" more for the sauce or sauce, so that dishes have more flavor. Recently, many restaurants also "variant" garlic snail into a dish of high-quality potato sausage, both delicious and unique. This requires skillful hands and more work. Scraped fresh dipping with cold water, add a little chili to the snail to release all the dirt out. Then boiling water before rinsing meat, wash with salt water, drain. Use a sliced ​​knife to eat and then marinated with spices including pepper, onions, garlic, chili, ginger, and fish sauce to permeate. Finally, pour the garlic into the sauté before serving with the tomatoes, onions and thin flour. When the snails are ripe for all to the plate and decorated with high-quality sweet potato chips fried crispy on the face, under the plate is a thin layer of pepper and a few drops of pepper and a few slices of red peppers for eye-catching. This dish can be accompanied by vegetables, chili sauce or spicy sauce. Snail sweet, crispy but slightly longer, as much as eating pleasure. A high-quality sea snail salad is strange and healthy food. The nutmeg is rich in nutrients, high in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and fat. High potatoes or potatoes are also very good, many nutrients, many people like. This is an appetizer, either as a main dish or a hybrid with friends. Can be used together with bread with a spicy sauce to spicy easy to digest and stimulate taste.

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