Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Good gut flavor in the hometown

Each summer, passing through the school gate to see the car sour soup with a bunch of salt pickled peppers salt or chili peppers red roses sold, I turn around remember childhood memories in the countryside home.

At that time, in front of my house I planted a cluster of gut suckling, sticks bearing fruit look real eye. Until noon, the whole family sleeps, I invited friends to climb the cluster picking gut eaten with sugar fish sauce fun. Sometimes laughing loudly, internal wake up for a battle to the body, but the disability is not left. I always remember saying "sour people who are looking for cravings, but we must be careful to stand under the picking, do not climb high because the beam branch is very brittle, easily broken, unfortunately fall is very dangerous." This childhood has become nostalgic ... According to modern medicine, in 100 grams of bowel colostrum contains 4.6 mg of vitamin C, 5.4 mg of calcium, 0.155 g of protein, 0.8 g of fiber ... The shell and roots contain 18% tannins, saponins, gallic and a crystalline substance ... According to traditional medicine, the left part, leaf, gut or intestinal cluster root have medicinal properties. The effect of heat, liver, blood, smooth skin. Bath healing water for skin diseases. The stem of the tree has the ability to detoxify, treat ulcer, antiseptic, especially antiseptic to snake venom. Intestinal beetles (also known as broad range, high flowering, broad range) are tall, 5-6m tall trees that are suitable for hot climates and are almost ubiquitous in the Mekong Delta. The plant has a double-bluish green leaf on the undersides, about 4-5 cm long, with a gray-shelled branch with many scars on the leaves. Flowering plants from December to May 3-5, ripening season is about 6-8. The intestinal florets have two types of fruit, sweet and sour. Sweet fruit is usually eaten raw, and sour fruit is often used as a spice (sour sour fruit, young leaves used in nem pack), jam or soak. And for the Western housewives, the intestinal florets are made of pickled croutons, intestinal flakes or intestinal jams for their children to eat during the summer. It is similar to the traditional sour soup of the West, spices instead of me or other sour taste instead of the intestinal beam. Just put the pot of water on the stove to boil, put the beehive into the fabric of the dam to break into the pot of boiling water to dissolve. Season with salt, sugar, a little sweet powder just eat, and then put the fish in cooked medium. Next, add okra, tomatoes, and finally add the fresh herbs, garlic, season the last time you want to go down, draw a bowl, prepare a cup of pure fish sauce, is done. Cut the fish pieces into a fish sauce fish sauce into the mouth slowly. Long, fat, sweet fish spread in the mouth. Chan soup sour intestine beam into a cup of steamed rice will feel a "sour bar characteristics", delicious not where to be. My grandfather loved the honeycomb. According to him, the intestinal wine immersed soaked nourishment because of tiredness, the disease of old age. Understanding him, it was nine in the morning, my grandmother also made a glue for him to eat at dinner. Making a simple, easy-to-digest wine. The old sour pickles are picked up and washed out to drain the baskets. For intestinal flakes in the glue, a layer of intestinal honey 1 layer of sand and then exposed to sun for fermentation. For about half a month, when the sugar and colloidal beads are dissolved in a pale yellow color, only the water can be added to the bottle. Every meal, my grandfather often took a bottle of wine intestines soaked on the cabinet down, poured into the small together to "bounce" a full of delicacy. For me, capital nature "sweet and sour" so my grandmother made jams intestines for us to eat during the summer noon. Making this dish is not difficult, but laborious. Choose the large intestinal colonies, large fruit, washed. Put the gut into the basket, use the bottom of the plate or the cutting board lightly for the intestinal flurry flow less sour, but do not rub the hand to crush the fruit, when the jam is not beautiful. Cold water several times depending on taste more or less, squeeze dry. Add sugar to the pot and a small glass of red syrup with a certain amount of flavor and color. Pour the first bunch of gut into the pot with a flame. Use the chopsticks evenly until the sugar drained into the paste, prompting down ... What is interesting with the summer lunch to enjoy the intestinal jam delicious, attractive. Just stick a stick with a stick to the mouth slowly chewing. Sweet sugar, light sour of the intestines make us happy mouth and forget about, the plate of intestinal marmalade gradually go down without knowing.

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