Monday, April 16, 2018

Ha Long Cuisine

For tourists to Ha Long, the first impression when enjoying Ha Long cuisine is the seafood flavor of Ha Long Bay. With the advantage of the sea, Ha Long has maximized its potential and created a good reputation for visitors to Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay is no longer a strange name to anyone who has come and never been to this place is known for its majestic natural beauty and attractive food. Ha Long cuisine is famous for its seafood offerings. Distilled from the sea, visitors to Ha Long tourism are familiar with the specialty of the line such as Ha Long squid salad, Cai Rong fish sauce, van Don comedy ... Come to Ha Long, tourists have many options. Choose places to enjoy, such as on cruise ships visiting the bay, at raft houses, in restaurants, eateries, or at family friends, relatives etc.   The first specialty that most visitors to Ha Long tourism refer to is bored. There are many places in Ha Long Bay, but bored at the mouth of the Bach Dang River is the most delicious, the most fat, because there are many parrots, the river mouth rich in nutrients. With the name of "bored" but eat again do not see any. For male guests, you can enjoy the wine. Based on the experiences of Ha Long tourism, tourists can easily prepare their own alcohol, wine with bloody salty taste, and have a characteristic aroma.
Vermicelli stir-fried   Vermicelli is a new dish appeared in the restaurant in Ha Long to serve the tourists to Ha Long, but before this dish is quite popular in the Chanh river area, Quang Yen town. At first glance, vermicelli fried look is not eye-catching, because white noodles mixed with black rice, but also mushrooms, mushrooms and green onion are all green, black. Moreover, if you are not used to eating food, it is difficult to enjoy this dish because it is strong, a strong flavor is characteristic of the food. But when it comes to noodles, it can be addictive and it may be that the food that does not look good catches the eye, which makes us recognize the very thing we love, because it creates a separate space on it. Do not mix with any food.   Oysters   Halong is famous for its abundant and varied seafood. One of them is Shrimp in Yen Hung. Shrimp Soup, also known as Shrimp Rice. They live in sandy beaches, muddy beaches
Oysters are hard red intestine as blood eat very nutritious. Shrimps that live in salty and freshwater areas, also known as brackish water, are the best because shells that live in these waters grow faster than sweet, fragrant and fleshy waters. with chilli, baked oysters, oysters cooked porridge ... but not to lose the nutritional value of oysters are most common shell is exposed through boiling water (scrambled oysters)   Lobster rolls   One of the typical dishes of Ha Long tourism famous throughout the three regions. The large squid up to two hands spread, I thick, peeling skin is white. To cook this dish requires sophisticated ingenuity and the chef's experience, the dish will be better.   With their experience, the chefs here often wash the ink, cut the squid in green stone, then squid ink, fried squid ink at the shop, in front of curious eyes of tourists. Cuttlefish meat, delicious pineapple. Hands off, new ink crispy crumbles. Especially here is pure squid, with a little powder, eat squid ink will soft as fish balls, discovered immediately.   Ca Yen Tien Yen   One of the dishes that create a flair for tourists in Vietnam in general and Halong tourism in particular is the name as well as the new of this is the same duck is native ducks are pure and local people. This is a very long time. This dish is eaten with a dedicated magnet will help mon delicious. Mutton is not duck nor ngan, but the taste is both and through the hands of Tien Yen processing is delicious again.   Nem chua and Quang Yen soup   This is a delicious and well-known spring rolls can be compared with the spring roll Thanh Hoa. Each place has its own taste k, creating the interest for tourists, often the tourists to Halong tourists or buy nem sour to do for friends relatives, when the end of the tour Ha Long his.   Ha Chanh River brings delicious sour soup and has four seasons, but the most interesting is still eaten on hot summer days.   Sam Ha Long   Come to Ha Long tourism, besides enjoying the squid, or delicious dishes made from boring, you can not ignore a specialty seafood here is a rare sea sam species. The teeth are not exaggerated when talking about the rarity as well as the nutrition that this dish brings, this is a dish that requires elaborate processing.   Sea food can be processed a lot of different dishes such as sam soup, sam salad, samo fried sweet and sour, sam fried with chili, crispy fried eggs, fried egg sam, sam, sam Fried shrimp, grilled sausage, sam sauté ... The dishes from the sea meat delicious, but to get those unique dishes, the process of sam and processed meat is an elaborate process.

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