Monday, April 16, 2018

Halong Bay floating on the world map

Ha Long Bay is well-received by the local and international press as one of the most romantic places for lovers in the top 100 destinations in the world. as in the top 10 most attractive cruise destinations in the world
There are many famous tourist sites in the world have voted for Ha Long one of the tourist resorts in Vietnam is the most attractive yacht in the world.

  According to VirtualTourist, Ha Long Bay has a very short phrase and "If you come to Vietnam and want to experience the feeling of relaxing on a tourist boat to Ha Long Bay." Recognized as a world natural heritage by UNESCO, Ha Long is now in the top 7 natural wonders of the world.   Ha Long Bay with thousands of small islands, clear water blue jade green. The islands in Ha Long Bay have their own shapes unlike any island in the Vietnamese coast. There are places where the islands are piled up together, but there are alternating islands standing alternately, This will create a tens of kilometers long as a wall.   According to the experience of Ha Long tourism, we see this is a cosmic world hidden in the legendary stone formations. Island is the face of someone who is heading to the land (Head of People); The island is like a dragon flying over the water (Dragon Island); The island is like an old man sitting fishing (La Vong); The far away are two brown sails that are turning the waves to the sea (Canh Buom); back to the soup as a raspberry (raspberry); Then the two chickens are cuddling together on the water waves (Hon Trong).   Beside the islands are named based on the shape, the islands named after the folk (mountain Bai Tho, Trinh Nu, Tuan Chau island), or based on the specialties are on the island or the sea Around the island (Ngoc Vung, Kien Vang, Monkey Island ...)   VirtualTourist travel community believes that it would be a great trip to Halong if you travel on Halong Bay by kayak to explore the caves and fishing villages on the bay or simply watch the face. The sun rising on the bay has been praised by the world media.   Earlier the famous American National Geographic magazine also ranked Ha Long Bay as one of the 10 most romantic destinations for couples on Valentine's Day in 2014 also by the seemingly irresistible charm of the scene. here.   Ha Long Bay is also considered one of the 12 best photographed places in the world, along with Bora Bora (island of paradise), Indonesia, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Mount Everest Nepal)   US Bussiness Insider has announced Ha Long Bay ranked 26th in the top 100 places should come in life. Halong Bay is recommended as a place where visitors around the world should come and "experience a nightcap on a sailing boat off the coast."

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