Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ham Rong Mountain - a small Sapa in the mountains with Northwest Charcoal

Sapa carries charms, floating bubbles fancifully floated to paint a picture of love Feng Shui. It seems that the harmonious arrangement that Mother Nature gave to this land contributed to the highlight of the landscape. One of the points that many tourists like to visit Sapa, it is Ham Rong Mountain.

Do you know Sapa Ham Rong Mountain? Ham Rong Mountain is surrounded by Hoang Lien Son mountain range, near Sapa town. The mountain is called Han Rong because of the shape of a rocky cliff tower rise up to the blue sky with a dragon head.
Ideally located at an altitude of 1850m, so the average temperature of Ham Rong Mountain ranges from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, rainfall ranges from 1,800 to 2,000m. The climate of Ham Rong varies depending on the presence of snow and ice. Created for the beautiful scenery, contribution of construction of indigenous people, contributing to promoting the potential tourism here, the growth of economic structure of the province. Ham Rong is an indispensable route in the tour Sapa. Ham Rong is a miniature Sapa At any point in the year, Ham Rong also has a separate color cannot be mixed up where. The most beautiful dragon jaws are still in the spring when all the flowers are hibernated in the winter, the time is up to the flowers to show off the aroma. The path to the mountains is the steps are lined with stone, zigzag up high. The small streams through the dense canopy of trees along with the majesty of the mountain to create the poetic features interwoven in this remote mountain. Started construction in 1996, Ham Rong resort is located on an area of ​​nearly 150ha. After stepping footsteps up the stairs, visitors now have the opportunity to immerse into the European garden in Ham Rong. Feel the soul of the vu vu with the species of the cold country like flowers hydrangea, Japanese cherry flowers, purple quartz ... like a miniature vase. The beauty of this ecstasy not only stop here, continue the journey, visitors are passing through the vast meteoric forest. Each stone, stacked stone layers intertwined, enough color enough shape, spoiled the imagination in the emotional circuit. Visitors like to go to the fairy space, fanciful space makes you think of yourself as an actor in the movie Journey to the West. An interesting activity cannot miss when coming here, which is to conquer San May (Cloud Yard). Situated at the peak of Ham Rong Mountain, the ideal height is over 1800m, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful, cool and comfortable of Sapa town, even can see Fansipan peak in the pot. Blue sky with floating white clouds floating around. In front of this beautiful scene, why not fast hand to blink continuously to have this photo collection region unique and impressive. Not only see the panorama of Sapa most beautiful, flower gardens bloom colorful, come here, visitors also feel, experience and learn the traditional values ​​of ethnic minority people. The performances are dressed up in the role of the Girl - The Mong ethnic girl, dressed in her own costumes of traditional national identity. Indeed, this is actually a small Sapa in the heart of Ham Rong. A bit of majestic mountain scenery, a little cloud of wind drifting away, a little heavenly landscape of earthly space contributes to the beauty of the Ham Rong mountain. Once in Sapa, visit Ham Rong Mountain, enjoy and experience the new things in this region of Northwest.

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