Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hanoi cuisine under the eyes of Western tourists

Street food in Vietnam is one of the attractions that attract international visitors. Travel with Vietnam to listen to comments on Vietnamese cuisine of Western visitors.

Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse, different flavors and different processing has been named CNNGo prestigious newspaper of America called food heaven. While prestigious tourism magazine Lonely Planet also rated Vietnam as one of 10 culinary tours to experience the world.   1. Vietnamese street food   Last year, National Geographic and Amusing Planet also posted photos of street food stalls, street food or fresh fruit counters to introduce to the world a Vietnam, a small country but a point. Come and be fascinated by the experience of street food.   2. Hanoi street food Not only attractive but street food Vietnam is also surprisingly cheap for many foreign visitors to here. Not only in the cities, in the countryside, many villages also have many unique local dishes, a great place to explore the countryside and visit the countryside. In the photo below is the image of Vietnamese people sitting on plastic benches on the sidewalk are enjoying their favorite food without any hesitation.   3. Enjoy street food   A woman carrying fruits and vegetables in the streets of Vietnam is placing the burden down and sitting on the sidewalk to serve customers. This is an interesting experience for foreign visitors. One foreign guest commented, "Perhaps the image of a street vendor like this can only be found in Vietnam. This is a distinctive selling style of Vietnamese tourists. And the salesperson is very sweet, gentle. '   4. The pavement restaurant One of the most interesting things about street food in Vietnam is the small street sidebar where you can eat in the Vietnamese style: a group of Vietnamese men sitting around a beer table and playing games. about the football or the work, another corner is the children eating fun, the waiters around to wait for guests to choose or add dishes. Diners cannot only eat at the restaurant but also can order items brought to the place. Maybe that's why all language and cultural barriers are no longer a problem for foreigners. A gastronomic paradise with fresh ingredients and creative cuisine.   5. Hanoi night street food Some humid experts commented, Vietnamese cuisine attracts visitors with fresh vegetables. Vietnamese dishes are not as fat as Chinese dishes and less spicy than Thai dishes. CNNGo emphasized that in the US there are also mobile food stalls, but Vietnam is truly a culinary paradise. You will not find anywhere with a variety of dishes and foods as diverse as Vietnam.

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