Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hanoi four seasons love

For the people of Vietnam, Hanoi is both the capital of the country, the pride of history - culture, as well as a land of love thousands of years ago. The four seasons in Hanoi slowly rotate each other in the heart of love arrows. Each season makes us feel different lives, each season a different way to love Hanoi.

Hanoi in the spring Spring is the season of growth, of vitality. Spring in Hanoi starts from February to April. This is also the time of the traditional Lunar New Year. Arrive in Hanoi in the spring, visitors will have the opportunity to admire many species of flowers bared each other. The most prominent spring in Hanoi is the peach blossom at Nhat Tan Flower Garden. In recent years, the spring air in Hanoi is quite cool, not too cold as many years ago. Spring sun has a warm light, suitable for the blooming fruit, blooming. Sometimes there will be a drizzly rain that makes the sky more calm. Spring rain always makes people a little bit restless. Arriving in Hanoi at this time, just on the occasion of the traditional festival, visitors will experience many folk activities held in the village.

In Tet, Hanoi has Nhat Tan flowers. March is the season of pure white flowers covered with white orchids flowers garden, flowers are gentle purple flowers together in the same road on the Bac Son road led to the residence of President Ho Chi Minh, red flower flowers dotted on the dyke Hong river. In April, there are white lilies of the Nhat Tan flower garden as charming as Vietnamese girls are busy wearing traditional ao dai. Summer of Hanoi - holiday season The summer of Hanoi is very hot and upset. Weather in Hanoi is very hot in the morning, the end of the day appears rain. Summer in Hanoi starts from May to end of July, as well as the summer vacation season of students after 9 months diligent study. Summer in Hanoi is very suitable for outdoor trips to the Ba Vi National Park, parks covered with trees for camping. Speaking of summer, there is no need for flowers to symbolize the generation of school-themed flamboyant red roses. It is not hard to find high flaming red flowers. They are often planted on campus and around the school. The red flower phoenix season as compared to the heat of summer. May also has the appearance of purple flowers. The most beautiful lacquer route in Hanoi is the Kim Ma Street running through the Royal Parks. June is the time when the lotus starts to bloom. The most beautiful lotus pond in Hanoi is Tay Ho Lake, in addition to many other romantic places such as Quan Son lotus pond, University College of Agriculture, ... June to Ho Guom lake to visit. Peach blossom buds blossomed into the lake. July is the month of sunflowers - Sunflowers in Dong Anh, near the Nhat Tan bridge. Fall Hanoi love story   Listening to the melody of Hong Nhung's Hanoi Autumn, the dancers also listened to their skin. Autumn Hanoi has milk flowers, fragrant of the nuggets, purple flower lily flowers, yellow wildflowers. Weather in Hanoi is perhaps the most beautiful, most loved. Fall Hanoi always has the rain, cool weather makes the mood comfortable. Autumn season lasts from August to October just right on the Mid-Autumn Festival. Autumn is also the time to make people want to roam the most. Autumn is the season of Hanoi trees began to change leaves, the leaves of gold leaf fall as romantic as the Korean film. Autumn Hanoi seems to be the inspiration for many poets and writers, so it was not too strange to see Hanoi fall in the lyrical art of poetry. In September, the flowers are blossomed, the nacre flowers each white and blue beam fine through each street. October is the skyline of salty purple lily flowers that singly or wildly yellow wildflowers in Ba Vi National Park. Autumn Hanoi can not lack the aroma of aromatic rice nuggets bearing characteristic aroma of young rice, fragrant thoang through every corner of the street by the pack of nuggets in the lotus leaf on the street row. Hanoi warm love Hanoi quiet perhaps in winter. Winter Hanoi from November to January, the coldest period of the year. The cold of the skin of the winter in Hanoi makes people feel the desire to be close to love, want to gather together more. White Hanoi cleared the mist when the winter, the trees now have no green leaves, now only the branches of the tree. The few wet roads are not bustling. A silent scene slows down the heart.   Blooming winter with bright yellow flowers and chrysalis are small white beautiful and gentle. In November the daisy flowers in Japan, Tan flower garden began to bloom. On old bicycles, there are small and cute little chrysanthemums running through the streets of Hanoi. December flowers in the suburbs began to bloom yellow. Only the vegetables grown in the garden are visible

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