Friday, April 13, 2018

Hanoi gracefully lugging street vendors

Do not know since ever, the old bikers carrying fresh flowers has become a part of Hanoi, a familiar image in everyday life a beautiful charm of the capital, very popular with visitors. traveling Hanoi.  Previously, the flower seller did not leave the car, but only put flowers on the mother or neatly folded in a pair of photos bearing a typical feature of Hanoi at that time, but now the bicycles have replaced, making life misleading. The sales of flowers have been a little bit less, but it has not lost the beauty of the past, and is still very popular with visitors to travel in Hanoi.  

When you travel to Hanoi every morning, you will see the bicycles carrying the flowers still frosty morning, the bright smile of the sellers at the flower lovers are not for you. a feeling of life is beautiful and poetic. Tourists love Hanoi and each spring, summer, autumn, winter Hanoi has a unique flower species. As the city gradually overcame the old land of floriculture, the four-season colors shifted from the suburbs into every corner of the street through the bike of industriousness. It seems that those who bring beauty to life are always so quiet. The mothers, the flowering flowers silently go deep into the streets smoked early frost, night dew makes the beauty of Hanoi a little more mysterious, and deeper. In the midst of the noisy and dusty streets, the bicyclists' bicycles keep their calm, poetic, elegant and noble. It is also a Hanoi travel experience for those who want a space to enjoy watching the beautiful thing more poetic.   Every visitor to Hanoi always has a deep impression of the car full of romantic flowers slowly on the street or a long row in the crowded, crowded. Young people today also often make their own tours Hanoi on the weekend and wandering on the streets of Hanoi to see everything is always the first choice for short trips. Likewise, people living in Hanoi, sometimes on the road just to find a car carrying flowers, watching the smile, the tender nature of the flower seller to feel more relaxed. As simple and natural as the four-season floral car embodies the cultural beauty of the Ha Thanh streets, adorn the rich spiritual life of the people of culture. thousand years. Hanoi tourism is simple, gentle but relaxed but also full of fun.

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