Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hanoi Old Quarter - The soul of the Capital

Referring to Hanoi, people not only think of Mausoleum, Ho Guom lake, but also many people will remember the old town. Considered to be the cradle of ancient things, the memory of a time still intact with the lines of time, and this has become the reason why many visitors visit here once. in life.

Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the North West of Hoan Kiem District, owning the prime location of the capital. Referring to the old town of Hanoi, nobody knows the 36 streets. Each street preserves the unique features of the land, the memories of history, people and country. Through the many ups and downs, these streets still exist to this day. Since ancient times, the old town is the name of an urban area, formed from the Ly - Tran, located in the east of Thang Long Royal Citadel to the Red River. Previously, the villages surrounding Thang Long, concentrated trading, each street is a different village bearing the distinctive mark of urban residents and exchange each other in ordinary life. Therefore, today we see the streets in the old town have the "Hang" in the head. At this point, you have explained the reason why the old town of Hanoi has 36 streets with the word "Hang" and then? What is the street name "Hang" now? The Old Quarter is quite large, so take full advantage of time to explore fully in the trip to Hanoi. Going through Hang Ma Street, you will find shops specializing in worship, gold, or Hang Thiec offering home made items made from tin. Previously, almost all the streets are specialized in selling a kind of branded goods, but now there are some streets appear new foreign goods do not follow the ancient principles. As witnessed as Hang Quat street, if it had previously sold fans and herds, it was now trading more items such as embroidered paintings, parallel sentences ... Old nostalgic nostalgia in Hanoi Old Quarter Passing through the old town, visitors encounter pictures of moss house over time, now stuck in front of the change of space and time. The roofed houses, tiled roofs were built in the early twentieth century, with small pathways inside the house and the old building bricks that were familiar in the capital.
Visitors should not miss the ancient temple temples such as Ma May Temple, Ba Chua Temple, Cau Dong Pagoda, Kim Co Pagoda ... Travelers also have the opportunity to visit the gate Quan Chuong - mark of a golden age of the Capital thousand years of civilization. If you have any image attached to the old town to feel most clearly a simple, simple and beautiful Hanoi is simply the burden of street vendors, cars with tinkling in the streets. The delicious taste of bowl noodles or bowls of smoked pho noodles in the early morning dream also captivated the hearts of visitors to stop watching and enjoy. The ancient capital of Hanoi is not only preserved but also the soul of the capital. Opposite with sumptuous luxuries, brilliant and modern buildings are simple old town and peaceful strange. A little silent, a little ethereal has urged travelers to stop huddled each level with the capital love.

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