Friday, April 13, 2018

Hanoi passion, seductive with 12 flower season

Every month a flower season characterized as decorate the beauty of Hanoi and mark in the hearts of visitors how many emotions.

  1. Peach blossom in early spring Peach blossoms bring the warmth of spring to cool off. Peach blossom is also the time when Hanoi is filled with Tet air, the family home racing down the street shopping and bring home the most beautiful peach branches. Beautiful peach blossom when the area of ​​Nhat Tan bloom. The trees straight line with colorful flowers, sprouting green shoots off. Just go for a walk - feel warm, lively heart. 2. February pure flowers, buds blossoming sesame flowers   Fragile white flowers on the streets are what makes visitors remember. Hanoi has the path associated with flowers, such as Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Hoa Tham, Grapefruit ... On the Lunar New Year, to February everyone will have a surprise day because the row suddenly white white. White flowers are strange, each little flower on a long branch - hanging on the tree. At the same time, it is also the time for buds to blossom. Beautiful sesame buds from long leopard-like pistils, each with red, long, spiky flowers. The sesame is beautiful because of the way it is located next to Hoan Kiem Lake, it is branched down to the lake, printed in the shadow of blue water, through the branches of sesame turtle is a small little turtle. 3. March flowers bloom Flowers are not fragrant, but beautifully fragile. Each flower has five wings, with red, white, purple, usually, mostly white and purple intertwined on each wing, and red flowers are only one red.
4. April lilies April with the sunshine become poetic and pristine. Like the white petals and the gentle aroma of the trumpet. April with the last moments of peace before the season, hot summer dragged on. 5. May the lotus lake   In May, fresh lotus blooms around West Lake, the two sides of the Korean road full lotus is lotus. Small lotus buds rise above the water, bright pink lotus blooms. Beautiful and fragrant. Come to West Lake for a blissful day. You can enjoy taking photos or enjoying a glass of tea overlooking the scenic West Lake in the early morning. 6. June with purple tibet - flaming red   Hanoi hot days suddenly became more romantic with the appearance of the lobster, red phoenix, the streets attached with flowers and tombs are: Hoang Quoc Viet, Kim Ma ... 7. The sunflower blooms   In Hanoi, sunflowers are grown in the flower village of Quang Ba, right after the banana beach of the peach. Recently, Nhat Tan flower garden ... a bed for the spoiled pose pupil each season flowers bloom. August 8 passionate milk flowers   Only in Hanoi - new milk flowers bring the poetry to people. August, when the season has passed, the weather has softened somewhat. One night wandering the streets - empty night - the trees quiet. Suddenly, the smell of milk flowed in space. 9. Octopus Chrysanthemum purple As autumn is still haunted in Hanoi, with the light sunshine, with the wind blowing, each bunch of Chrysanthemums emerge overflowing with the burden of street vendors. Pure purple makes the girls white dress up romantic, beautiful no less scenery in the romantic film. November with daisy flower season   This flower is only available in very short time - about 2 weeks, with large bunches, because the flowers must be beautifully arranged. December with rainy season by river   Every winter, in the cold re-numb, Ha young people again busy shaping the side of the flower field. Golden broccoli immensely makes the heart not angry.

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