Friday, April 27, 2018

Have fun with the market of beef cat Vac

Ha Giang has a very special market, which is the bull market took place every Sunday in Meo Vac district. The market is not only a place for ethnic people to trade but also exchanges, exchange of experience and especially this is a remarkable point to develop local tourism.

Meo Vac is located in the valley of peace, but every Sunday morning as a new clothes. Thousands of ethnic people with all kinds of costumes down the market. They walk tens of kilometers from the Tat Nga, Khau Vai, Son Vi, Sóc Mang ... to the town. In the countless hilarious sounds of the market, I was especially impressed with the music of the lilac. Mr. Gold Mi Mi, Pa Pa A village, Meo Vac town, shared: Today he brought 4 cows, now sold 3 children. Each child also earned nearly 1 million. Anh is talking about the remaining cow with Mr. Vu Mi Po. Mr. Vu Mi Po, in Giang Chu Phin commune, Meo Vac district view each cow in the market. He wants to find a beautiful cow, so please choose carefully. Mr. Po said that he had just sold a big cow, now wants to buy a smaller cow to raise. Each market has hundreds of cows for sale, traders buy cattle mainly in the downstream. The cattle markets in the uplands are not heavily traded, people come to the market to meet friends, talk, drink a cup of wine after working days. The unique cattle market in the highlands has long become an attractive tourist destination in Ha Giang. Grandparents Marco, Italian tourists for the first time to Ha Giang and really fascinated by the uniqueness of the market Mr. Do Hieu Nghia, Head of Ethnic Division of Meo Vac district said: Meo Vac is the biggest cattle market in Ha Giang province, which was formed for a long time, but only really developed since Meo district Vac has a policy to promote the development of buffaloes and cattle (from 2000 to present). Meo Vac market in addition to economic significance is also associated with the image of the local culture is getting out of poverty from raising cattle goods.

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