Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hoi An small alley

Those who come to Hoi An without visiting the alleys, empty alley moss in the heart of the old town is considered not to experience the aftermath of this urban poetry.

Old streets, small alleys and golden walls create a unique Hoi An unique to any other urban. The tranquility and poetic character of this place have created a difficult impression in the hearts of visitors. Perhaps anyone, back to Hoi An just want to mix in the rustic space, lyrical but full of charm. Couples stroll to enjoy the sweet and deep aftertaste of love in Hoi An town or old people sit back and relax to relieve the life after storms, strawberry tank. This ancient city is beautiful to every corner of the street, every little alley. Those who come here without visiting alleys, alleys moss and poetry in the heart of the old town, it seems that not all experience of Hoi An.   In the calmness of the simplicity, the alley in Hoi An is largely just about the width of the adult hand. Kids are still playing in the space of dozens of generations up from the alley: throwing cans, shooting the ball, video game ... Meet this image suddenly feel back to childhood in the land of visitors... Who do not aspire, surprised before the quiet and peaceful space in the strangest place imagined by the hustle and bustle of travelers in the cross. Hoi An small alleyway keeps footprints of street vendors, keeping algae frequented by the crowd within narrow walls. The voices of a hundred years that are not old. The call is like an invisible door to return to the ancient memory, with a vision of the depths of history that has been passing centuries. The ups and downs of the mulberry are thickened with green moss, devoutly listening to and keeping track of time and changing the fate of the street people. When it was afternoon, the night falls, the street, the alley becomes fanciful, sparkling by the light of all the colors of the lantern that makes visitors do not step away. Whether it is sunny, drizzly or freezing winter nights, Hoi An Street is still so, with its own charms that make it difficult for people to get in trouble. In Hoi An, if it comes to that lane is a specific cultural image, difficult for the people of Hoi An. Noisy, shabby, easy to give up, see the ventilation of the space. Crowded, a person to the side, let the other pass. Having met a hundred times still nods slightly greeted, a friendly smile. In the alley never loud with each other, so go in the alley where the peace of strange. The street corner, small alley moss that filled with memory, leaving the nostalgic innumerable in the hearts of many people, not only the visitors of the cross but also the residents of Hoi An. It is not high, metropolitan flowers, just the simple things that made many of us love Hoi An from the streets, alleys

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