Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hoi An Snack: Attractive street food

Dumplings originated from Hoi An, nowadays popular in urban areas in cities. Discover this fascinating street food of Vietnam with Travel Vietnam. The sweet, greasy food is very attractive to urban citizens in big cities like Saigon and Hanoi.  
The process of processing shark is very meticulous. First, you have to know how to choose potatoes, you can choose sweet potatoes or purple potatoes, as long as you have to ensure that the new potatoes are not damaged and not too much starch. Dissolve the outer silk shell, slice the sweet potato into pieces, just soak the chopped potatoes in less than ten minutes in water with a little salt to the potato is not deep and clean all the pus. Pour the potato into the basket, let it drain for a while.   The next step, mix crisp dough with flour, then dumplings, scoop slightly to form a powder coating on the outside. This step should be done gently, avoid breaking potatoes. Prepare a brass pan with oiled paper on the side. When the oil is boiling, start pouring the sweet potato into the lamb. The first impression of visitors to the potato salad is to directly see the "chef" show how fried potatoes. The image of oiled oily pancakes, the tapestry of sweet potatoes touching the kitchen table in the scent of the nose, contributes to the stimulant series. An indispensable step is to pour the oil into a box to put the powder and then quickly shake it evenly to powder flour (common shakes are two types of cheese or cherry powder). Look at the processing method, then hold the crispy sweet potato chips, outside covered with cheese, the smell of yams spread to the new air to know why sweet potatoes shake City does not offer but inviting every one comes. Then when the bamboo stick pick up potato slices, bite sound crunchy, really salty to see that really do not miss the waiting. Although not so long ago, sweet potato shakes are gradually becoming street food in Saigon and Hanoi.

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