Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hot pot dishes chicken é extremely strange, extremely delicious in Da Lat

 Piece of chicken meat fragrant hill, sure meat mixed with sour sour, fragrant aroma of leaves form a strange chicken hot pot flavor that anyone to Dalat enjoy a meal once lured this dish.

Hot pot dish of chicken é attractive in Da Lat Speaking of Da Lat, everyone must think of a region famous for its cool climate all year round and thousands of flowers blooming. The food here is also extremely rich and varied. If you have ever come to Da Lat but not enjoy the chicken hot pot dishes é it is a lack of mercy because of the strange taste, very attractive but unforgettable.   Hot pot chicken is the most famous Dalat It is a small eatery for locals called Tao Ngo at street No. 5 3/4, 2 km from Ho Xuan Huong. Unlike the hot pot dishes in the North used wormwood leaves dipped in hot pot to reduce the taste of hot pot chicken here using é leaves.   Leaves of the same type with basil, incense, if eaten alive, sour sour, chirst but when dipped in hot pot dip immediately will see the smell, slightly the same and have the same flavor as flavor. According to oriental medicine, there is the effect of cold weather, cough due to cold, stimulate digestion, especially fatigue, help sleep deep.   Enjoy the chicken hot pot dishes When the afternoon falls, the weather in Dalat is cold is the ideal time to enjoy hot pot dishes. A price of about 200,000 VND consists of a piece of chicken, a large noodle dish, a plate of mushroom and a plate can not be missing.   Chicken is also selected from chickens hills, sweet meat, toned. Chicken legs served with a dish of mushroom, vermicelli noodles and especially the pot of water is made with delicious, spicy flavor with crunchy crunchy crunchy shoots make a difference.   When you eat dip the leaf plate into the pot of hot pot, feel the aromatic diffuse in the mouth, piece of sweet chicken aromatic, not unfortunate, you will feel the taste of this dish and will remember the flavor when not also in Da Lat.   A note when visitors to Tao Ngoi restaurant hot pot dishes are often crowded restaurant is so crowded so enjoy the delicious food of the country thousands of flowers you often have to wait a long time. However, after enjoying the food, it is difficult to wait before they are gone.

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