Monday, April 23, 2018

How to calculate the lunar month

To calculate the lunar year with a leap month, we take the calendar year divided by 19, if dividing or giving the balance 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, that year will have leap month.

 Hoang Thanh Ha, from Thanh Tri, Hanoi, is worried about hearing neighbors talk about this year's non-profit news this September. "The family is planning to have their first son wed in the middle of October. If we do not make profit in September, we can hardly prepare everything for the wedding, "Ms. Ha worried. Nguyen Thuy Hoa, who lives in Dong Da District, Hanoi, is not happy when she hears some friends ask each other whether they have lunar months or not. I want to give birth to five children. If there is not another September, then her baby is expected to be born in the year of Mui. "The story of the children is a blessing, but in spirit I also want to be comfortable and have calculated in advance to want to have children in the year, not want to next year," said Hoa. In some places such as Ha Nam, Thanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, the information is that this year's non-profit in September has made many people working in agriculture, especially flowers growing Tet. Rumors have also surfaced on many forums, and social networking has caused many people to panic when they have planned work in the past. However, according to the assertion of scientists, the information is just speculation. "In fact, 2014 profit in September is quite right," said Nguyen Duc Phuong, researcher of astronomy - Universe confirmed with VnExpress. Ward said that there are two calendar calculations in the calendar and lunar calendar, in which the calendar is calculated according to the cycle of the Earth orbiting the sun. This is a calendar that is being used by the world. Lunar cycles of the Moon are orbiting the Earth, mainly used by the East. "Each calendar has different days and months," Ward said. In the solar system, the Earth's rotation around the Sun is 365+ 1/4 days. But according to the convention, there are only 365 days a year, so the calendar year will be in real time with a quarter of a day. This also means that after four years, the calendar will be left over for a day and there will be one leap year. This leap year is in February (29 days). Meanwhile, a lunar year is 354 days, and if compared with the calendar (365 days), the lunar calendar is shorter than 11 days. "So every three years, the lunar calendar is 33 days shorter than the calendar, which means that three years of the lunar calendar will be leaked for a month, not a day like the solar calendar," Ward said. According to Mr. Phuong, want to calculate the lunar year whether the leap month or not simply do simple mathematical operations, take the calendar year divided by 19 if divisible or out balance 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17 that's certainly true. "The world's researchers have had a very accurate calendar since millions of years ago, so there is no mistaking it," he said, warning people to use the calendar to follow. crops and weather. On the same point, Mr. Hoang Trong Hao, working in the Children's Mathematics magazine also confirmed, information no two September leap in the year of the Republic of 2014 is completely fabricated. "Every lunar year of profit and profit has been calculated, it can not suddenly change," said Hao.

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