Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How to travel Da Lat smart avoid "hacking"

At present, the status of 'cutting guillotine' takes place quite popular in Dalat. So let's be smart traveler Dalat to not fall into the trap of travel and have a pleasant vacation.

Da Lat with beautiful scenery, cool climate is the most hot destination on the map of Vietnam. However, want to have a fun and safe travel you need to be a traveler Dalat smart to not fall into the "tourist trap" leading to frustration.

Dalat night market selling price "in heaven"  
Dalat night market is one of the favorite destinations when visiting the city of flowers. Because here, visitors can find enough dishes of steamed dishes, from bread to vermicelli, vermicelli ... suitable for visitors to enjoy the cold night.
However, many visitors for listening to the enthusiastic offer was sitting in the restaurant finished, paid a new fire when the price is extremely expensive, such as 120,000 VND for a bowl of noodles, or 100,000 VND for a bowl. bread soup.  
If you are a smart traveler in Dalat, you should ask the price carefully before choosing and enjoying any food. At the same time, you need to consult online to find reputable addresses to eat, buy specialty or clothing without being pressed.
In addition, specialty shops such as jam, strawberries ... often have cheap processed goods, unknown origin are transferred to other areas of tea mixed to sell to visitors. Items like warm clothes were also screamed "in the sky".   Take pictures with animated characters  
Therefore, if you are a smart traveler in Dalat, you should refuse the invitation to take pictures without cause, or ask them in advance whether you have to pay the fee to collect or not, to avoid falling into "trap".
Nearly, on the forums and social networking sites, many visitors to Da Lat expressed urgency when being tricked into shooting with cartoon characters in the night market. A group of people dressed in Pikachu, Minion ... offers tourists a photo shoot. After that, they will demand money, even pressure, forcing visitors to pay.   Please visit the mulberry park free of charge  
Similar to the above two cases, be a smart traveler Dalat by thoroughly investigating the prestigious orchard address, which is well appreciated before arrival. At the same time, you should not listen to any seemingly unreasonable offer. Because there is nothing "free" in the business travel.
Many visitors meet people who claim to be the owner of the garden, invite guests to visit the mulberry garden for free, can eat at the place comfortable, only when brought bring new money strawberry. This attractive offer makes many tourists accidentally fall into "trap".   In fact, visitors will be put into a shop selling biscuits, candies, jam and forced to buy someone to lead the garden. However, when arriving, tourists return to see the "strawberry garden" is only a small piece of land, planted some strawberry beds and no fruit to pick or buy brought.   "Stork" strawberry garden, specialty  
Be a smart traveler in Dalat by not accepting the offer of strangers, the case of forced or threatening or inform the local police for help.
There are many cases, visitors meet the "strawberry" garden, specialties on the main roads, or the main sightseeing of Dalat, it often put pressure on the delegation and rowing tourists to visit strawberry orchard, specialty shops. There, visitors are forced to buy jams, strawberries, gold wine at high prices.  

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