Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Interesting village 80 full guide

With their love songs and rustic performances, the old puppets evoked a lively village scene in their eyes when they visited Thanh Toan bridge in Hue. Thanh Toan tile bridge across a ditch of Thanh Chanh village, Thanh Thuy commune, Huong Thuy town is one of the few wooden bridge with special architecture, has been recognized as a monument from 1990.

In order to diversify tourism products, the local government has invested in building a farmer's tool, making it a tourist attraction, recreating the scenery of old village life. However, few people know that in order to attract tourists, the old mall here has also rolled into the introduction of beautiful home. Pioneered this activity Le Thi Thanh 80 years old in Thuy Thanh village. Not only take care, cleaning, also bring the agricultural items of his home "add" to the farmer. Beside that, Nguanh ridge to collect, buy the items of village neighbors. Seeing the things that people do, many people have brought their own tools to help farmers such as plowing, harrowing, rice threshing, fishing, rice mills, boats...
"When the farmer was full of exhibits, for the guests in the country, I gave them an easy explanation but for foreigners it was not easy, because I did not know foreign languages. So I thought of how to present the activities and then use the language by hand, which the West understand all. "- laughed laughing retells the first months to do" tour guide ". In order to serve tourists, Nguoi rong also has Hue folk songs, such as rice pudding, water pedal, ru ru ... making the farmer become more and more crowded. Not too long ago, her husband Nganh died, she was sick repeatedly, so she stopped serving in her farmhouse. However, Ngu Ngu "retired" the H? Ng, Lệ again to continue "career" as a tour guide for tourists. They were all under 80 years old, still quietly singing the Hue, to continue to "blow soul" into this peaceful village. "Foreign tourists are very interested in the image of the children. There are many days without meeting Ngu, Hau, I have to find the house to invite the children to guide the guests. Impressed, some visitors shared the opportunity to visit Vietnam are here only to meet the children, "- said Tran Dinh Ha, a tour guide. Over the past years, with the knowledge of agriculture, the children have helped foreigners understand more about the agricultural culture in Vietnam. Although not know much about foreign languages, but with the lively movements of the children, the image of Vietnamese culture has somewhat diffused to foreign friends. From a tourist site not known to many, thanks to the mattresses that Thanh Toan tile bridge is now a destination associated with Hue when tourists to the ancient land.

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