Sunday, April 15, 2018

It was very cold, so we went to Sapa for the first snowfall

Sapa is the "hot" address to catch the snowflakes right? So do not wait anymore, but do not ask your friends backpack up and go now! Not only do you own the wild and lyrical frame of the mountains but Sapa also contains many wonderful things, including the beautiful snowfall of winter. In the past few days, the temperature of the northern region has been falling continuously and so it is no surprise that the sight of the snow falling in Sapa is not far away.  

Sapa romantic snow days In the early days of winter, the sky of Sapa suddenly changed its name, wearing a white cloak, floating on the mountains, grass trees. And suddenly one morning the people suddenly felt the coldness became brighter, gently lifted the window curtain suddenly not the little snowflakes flying all over the air, falling fallen on the white ground delete a color. Sapa day as a princess sleep in the forest, which was beautiful now snow also became more attractive, more attractive. Sapa tourists from all over the region eagerly come here to save the beautiful snowfall in Sapa. The colder the weather, the heavier the snow, the heavier the snow, the thicker the snow, the less likely it is that Sapa will be submerged in white when the "frozen queen" comes in. But sometimes the snow fell gently like white rain. Snow days in Sapa, if you come to the forest you will be admiring the beautiful scenery cannot utter words, watching the constant obsession. The snow froze the wildflowers, freezing the bunches of wild fruits, the branches to preserve the beauty of the creature longer, the images suddenly became the memory can not fade from the dreamed soul. As the sun glows, the warm rays of the new day begin to shine through the air, and then catch a sapphire crystal, more glittering when the snow begins to melt.   Great experience when going to Sapa for snow Snow falling in Sapa makes the air become cold, but people do not feel lonely or cold when wearing a warm coat. Even better is to be with the injured man and hand and hand will grab each other through a smooth white carpet, between the four surface is the scenery Sapa forest quiet. This scene will probably make people associate the romantic film in the famous "Winter Sonata" a time.   Come to Sapa to watch the snow and even wave in the snow with fun activities such as squatting, snowboarding and especially the "so deep" beautiful as the West to show it to you sure is. The experience is great, is not it? After fulfilling the dream of touching the "snow white dream", you can visit the beautiful scenery around the town such as Sapa Church, Ham Rong Mountain, Cat Cat village ... when the snow covered white It is very different from every other day. Or more special is the cable cone conquering the top Fansipan and panoramic view Sapa "sleep" in the snow from above. Another great thing you will experience on the occasion of "hunting snow" in Sapa, it is the opportunity to enjoy high-altitude diverse food rich. Besides the specialty dishes, the grill is an indispensable menu of the cold season in Sapa. Wherever it is easy to see the image of barbecue stove smoked in the kitchen charcoal pink. How great it is to see the sky is snow, just enjoy the hot delicious. The place "hunting snow" falls in Sapa ideal In order to "hunt snow" must regularly update the weather of the meteorological hydrographical, find out how much time snowfall in Sapa. And then just to find places to watch beautiful snow in Sapa only. The best place to watch the first snow is Quy Ho Pass, Ton Ton, Thuy Tinh Yeu. The scenery of the terraces in the highland is always attractive to tourists, if the rice season can see the bright yellow of the warmth, then you will be watching the "white snowfield". pretty. Do you dream of romantic snowflakes in Korean dramas or snow hills in the West? But do not have enough conditions to realize that wish? It's okay because even in Vietnam there is a place where "snow hunting" is extremely ideal. From now on, start planning with friends or "bear" so that this winter is certain to "hunt snow" in Sapa is offline.

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