Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kirby Café - Kirby's Paradise for Japanese fans

Game developers in Japan are constantly building eateries, cafes, etc., with the theme of game characters, cartoons or comics. In August, Nintendo has just released a Kirby café and of course the main theme of the restaurant is the character Kirby.

About Kirby Café If you are a fan of Anime and manga in Japan then you are no stranger to characters such as Mario, Songoku, Luffy, Pikachu, Kirby, .... These characters are attached to the last generation 8x to 9x, 10x. In Japan, cafes and eateries designed with fictional characters have become very familiar. The proof of the problem is that a slew of character shops such as pikachu, Mario have been erected and quickly replicated throughout Japan.   Not to stop with these two characters, in August Nintendo gaming maker has just launched a cafe with the main character is Kirby. The first Kirby Café was built in Osaka, Japan. Visit the Kirby Café in Japan When you come to Kirby Café, you will feel like you are in a museum about Kirby. A number of Kirby games, as well as countless comic books and cartoons are on display here. Not stop there, the cake, candy in the store are shaped around the main character.   The majority of tourists or local visitors to the restaurant are a fan of this fictional character. Of course, when it comes out, most people buy themselves a gift to celebrate when they come to this cafeteria.

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