Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Last year do not forget to have "appointment" with flowers in Dalat dream

East, Da Lat quiet, but fragrant also brilliant with the flowers fragrant flowers. Flowers wandering through the corner of the garden of the people to the city's large flower garden, blooming flowers cluster small Xuan Huong Lake to the wild and brilliant fields in the suburbs. There is a Dalat is still "sound "Wait for your visit, hurry up the road.

The last day of the year to visit the mountain city to see a Dalat true meaning "city of flowers" as they are reminded. In a heavenly setting full of illusions, Dalat became a lovely muse, causing everyone to raise their nostalgia. As natural as that, Da Lat gently into the heart of travelers who no one knows.   Pure white daisy flower Dalat
At the time of the season, if in Hanoi is drunk in the season of daisies clear in the sun, Da Lat dreamed no less with the field of white flowers pure. Not too bright, passionate like Northwestern yellow broccoli, light white Da Lat flowers, her pure. But last year's Da Lat tourism still made my heart vibrate before the bunch of white flowers rose to rise up that burst.
  Each white flower is like a small pinch of cotton, mounted on a young green shoot. Stepping in here, you will feel like you are in the fairy with the white "carpet" of white flowers, dreaming as if the clouds fell to the ground and stuck on the leaves. Standing in the middle of the field, feeling the fragrance emanating from the wind, playing in the air quietly how peaceful. Your virtual live check-in journey will become even more sparkling and complete as you slip through Tu Tra Commune in Don Duong District, where it is always associated with white daisies in Da Nang. The early days of winter. Lost in the middle of Dalat sunflower field bright yellow
The wild flower season in Da Lat bloomed
Besides Nghe An, Da Lat is also a "bright spot" for lovers of flowers toward the sun. Nowhere else is the field of sunflowers in Da Lat Milk - a destination for the end of the year for flower lovers. Dalat sunflowers blossom in November, December and March, April. However, the most beautiful is still winter, and visitors should go to this time to have the opportunity to admire the brilliant beauty of the golden sunflower field. In the midst of the cold winter air, the splendid yellow flower field stretches out to create a lively and vibrant space. It is hard to believe that the land in the rocky and dry countryside has a magnificent golden field, warming it all winter.
Da Lat flower color is bright yellow as the sun beautiful to help dispel the cold of winter. Traveling to Da Lat at the end of the year, you can easily catch the golden color of the kneeling country wherever you are, from the roadside, wading in the small alley, looming over the fence of ancient villas. Wandering among the hillsides on the Pren Pass Road, in the Valley of Love and immense under the canopy of the wind. Wildflowers most beautiful in the morning, when the sunshine of the winter just blew up, not as blazing as the summer, cold and frost still on the leaves, on the petals. The golden color of the wildflowers becomes warm and strange.

"City of flowers" Dalat has a special season that no one is not remember: the season wildflowers. Wild flowers like the sun adorn the early winter cold winter ... East, it is also at the foot of the suburbs are gilded with a brilliant color of the sun. Today, wildflowers are planted in many places, but the flowers of Dalat still have a very specific character. Affordable, wild flowers, this lover brings in the charm of the Highlands mountains alone can not match? Da Lat is a lucky city when it is blessed by nature, it offers fresh climate, mountainous mountains, waterfalls, charming pine forests. It is not surprising that this place has more blooming roses blooming days. Although only a weed species, grows in clusters, pink, slightly purple but the grass of Dalat pink grass clinging to many people love nature and love Da Lat.
Da Lat flower season is the most beautiful in the end of November, early December every year. So if you travel Da Lat last year, you will find the right season romantic pink. You will have the opportunity to admire this garden in every nuance. If you are early in the morning, you can admire the beauty of white grass as snowflakes are laying on the ground carpet, when the sun rise, the grass begins to turn purple light pink, charming enough to tricky steps. Best. Try to walk barefoot on these snowflakes, you will feel the cold numbness of the dew drops on the early morning.

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