Monday, April 23, 2018

Learn about the unique attire of human culture

It has been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Let's explore the unique coats of this heritage here.

Bronze also known as the shadow or the bronze, a special spiritual ritual in the Vietnamese culture. This is an indispensable ritual in the worship of Tam Phu Pho, Tu Phu, belief in Duc Thanh Tran. In essence, this is the ritual of communicating with the god through the co-ordinates. Vietnamese believe that the gods can enter into the soul of their body in order to speak, eliminate evil spirits, heal and bless the children. An outfit for the bar is priced from one to five million. Normally, they put at least 5 types of costumes. Each uniform costume has its own costume to know which one is worth the price. As Temples in yellow shirt governing the land, Mau Thuong Men in green shirt governing mountain and forest, Mau Thoai dressed in white governing the river region. Beautiful costumes for excitement, sublimation for the bar as well as attendees ceremony. People dressed in pajamas are cloth robes, which are the costumes of the saints. However, the costumes and colors have general regulations but not compulsory, each with different versions of the region. Sewing and embroidering costumes for the ball, the bowels have developed in recent years. In Hanoi can be purchased in Hang Quat. You can buy or order at Vay and Thuong Tin market. There is also a village specializing in producing costumes for the large number of villages Dong Cuu, Dung Tien (Thuong Tin, Hanoi). Ball garments are also divided into two main categories: fine and market. The quality of the garment is in the fabric and embroidery on the dress. If the costumes are silk, high proportion of nylon, the motifs are embroidered by the machine. In contrast, high-end garments are made of 100% silk or 10 to 20% nylon, or high quality brocade. In particular, the motifs on the garments are embroidered by the village's ancient secrets. There are embroidered motifs in 3 months. The average cost of a costume is about one million dong, while the price is about 5 million dong. According to the village of Dongguan, there are more than 50 kinds of outfits for the ball. However, few people buy all 50 kinds (fruit, call in the village). Normally, the bars ordered 24 "fruit" is much, but at least 5 "fruit". Over the past four years, the belief in the restoration of restoration is a condition for the Dong Cam embroidery industry to develop. Products of the village are sold throughout the country. Although machine embroidery technology has developed in many other embroidery villages, hand embroidery is still a strength here. On December 1, the legacy of worshiping Vietnamese Temples was officially recognized as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

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