Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Legendary pottery village advances

Other villagers have denied that Huong Canh is an ancient pottery. But the evidence is that the temples worship village nest with the pair of antique pairs is evidence of authentic. "Mong Cai porcelain, jar of Canh" is the ancient saying that the instrument taught. The poet To Huu wrote: "Who buys Huong Canh / Who sent me to her?" However, the ancient pottery known as the choice of offerings to the court are at risk of loss.

Ancient pottery king Mr. Nguyen Vinh Xuyen, Hanoians have fun collecting jars jars for a long time, so he is very pottery. In his house, how many types of pottery are all, but his most important is the pottery Cương. Perhaps, therefore, of the more than 12 types of pottery that he has, half of them are pottery of Que and Huong Canh. Mr. Bat said, Bat Trang pottery is famous but only "empty voices". The new era, Bat Trang pottery also changed the pottery is only the name, the gut is not the ceramic anymore. However, "Huong Canh" is still a real pottery, enough heat, enough degrees do not mix any chemicals but wood. Huong Canh is now a busy town of Binh Xuyen district (Vinh Phuc province). But in that noisy, there are still small shops selling antique pottery, though not much but enough to say the vitality of the pottery - items that everyone knows are picky players. Other villagers have denied that Huong Canh is an ancient pottery. But the evidence is that the temple in the middle of the village with double sentences is also ancient evidence. For that: "The magisterium training with the sacred / The nobleman to finance the teacher." That pottery is the home to Trinh Xuan Ben Le - Trinh. More than 300 years ago, after defeating Nguyen Danh Phuong, the court ordered Trinh Xuan Ben to condemn the people. See the villAGe villAGe, the people part of the canvas, the retirement part does not livelihood. Quan Noi so good pottery to teach people to practice. For a long time, Huong Canh pottery was chosen as an offering to the court. Tran Son Tay is the only Huong Canh is prosperous with pottery. From then on, ancient people taught, choose the porcelain to Mong Cai, buy the ceramic to Huong Canh. For the last three centuries, Huong Canh pottery has been found all over the village with jars, jars and jams. Do not enamel still glossy In the pottery industry, perhaps Huong Canh is the only place never to use enamel on the ceramic skin after the oven. Artisan Giang Thi Nhan said: "The good thing is that the pottery is still as glossy as usual, which is due to the clay and the burning technique." Normally, our traditional pottery villages are either focused on durability or forget about color. Either ceramic finishes do not achieve durability. Huong Canh is interested in both, but do not need to glaze but the ceramic is still the color of the ball is rare and strange. According to Ms. Nhan, Huong Canh clay has two types: brown and green. Above is brown clay, 3 meters deep is blue clay. Take two types of lightning at the rate of 2 green, 1 brown or vice versa mixed together, the color will be corresponding. Depending on the preference, some people like green moss pearls will use pure green clay. Those who like purple color are using lightning clay that is heated in moderate fire. However, depending on the product that selects the fire for increased durability. For example, a piece of porcelain must be baked for real, when through the green pearl phase dark brown to new. But with jars or jars, the fire is gone, the color of the pottery is red or brownish. Using the vats that soak the coffee, the equivalent of no less water in the water. Nguyen Hong Quang, the fourth generation of the Nguyen family, made the pottery of Huong Canh, saying: "When the pottery is made, knock on the bell as a bell, the pottery is standard. This is the characteristic of Huong Canh pottery. Unique Toad Mr. Le Tuan, the potter of the kiln, said: "The only thing in Huong Canh is to burn pottery with a toad, a frog like a toad, a frog's mouth, a place to escape the smoke. toad is the most complex type of incinerator, but the heating in the oven is more consistent. " According to Tuan, there are terms that no pottery village has. As in the toad there must be a fan, this fan is different from the slapper, used to blow the fire back to create the island fire. Island fire is always hotter than fire reverted so the product will be ripe and fast. In addition, in the toad there are specialized parts such as lamp, towel, facial ... to keep the temperature gradually increased. When it rains, the temperature outside the furnace will decrease, causing the product to live or smoke. Parts of the furnace will work to keep heat to the workers timely processing. "In the past, the material used for firing only used two types of tree trunk or stem, two types of firewood is very clay when the temperature should be enough to create a temperature. charcoal or firewood. The product is not as good as in the past, "said Le Tuan.

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