Monday, April 23, 2018

Leng ken remember the tram of Hanoi old time

Remember childhood, every 5 am, heard the tinkling "train" (called back then) running through the house is the eye to get up. The tram is right on the sidewalk, only a few centimeters away.

The narrow pavement, the road is not wide, should go to the Mid-Autumn Festival, when through the street, at that time specializing in selling paper toys (after moving to Hang Ma), pedestrian speed, just leng keng loudly. I was born and raised in Hang Gai Street in Hanoi Old Quarter. The grocery store named Bao Hop, house number 69, at the side of the family tree in Co Vu.   In 1902, along with Long Bien Bridge (Doumer bridge), Hanoi tram appeared. Do not know my grandfather, Tu Thuat, left Kinh Bac to settle in Co Vu, Hang Gai witnessed the two events are not. The Hanoi electric scooter was founded by Société Foncière de LIndochine. In 1904, there were 4 routes: Bo Ho (more than 3 km), Bu Ho to Buoi (more than 5 km), Ho Lake to Ha Dong (over 10 km), Ho Cau to Cau Giay.   The head office of the tram company is located in Thuy Khue in the early part of the village, next to the street number 67. The roundabout of four tram lines is the tram station located in the lake, where the water tank today, where Dinh Tien Hoang street leading to Hang Dao street, Hang Gai. Called ga, but I remember wearing a trough of a small office and a waiting room with skilfully wooden benches. There is a convenient way to go to Hanoi is not afraid of losing because of sitting on the electric car is also about to the Lake is the center of Hanoi.   When France withdrew from Hanoi in 1954, the tram facilities were no longer available. But electric cars have recovered and developed. Since 1968, more than 30 million visitors per year. The city has planned to modernize electric cars, so a delegation to study electric cars in Romania. Project failed due to war against America. In the early 1980s, electric vehicles were downgraded, with only about 8 million passengers per year. Director Tran Huy Ba led the brothers to improve the quality of the car, the number of visitors increased nearly twenty million per year, workers up to 900 people. In 1989, France sponsored 6, 7 convoys. To increase income, the company produces both ceramic tiles, honeycomb and charcoal, steel rolling ... But after Doi Moi, electric cars also have to fight together.   Electric bells with tinkling bell, rumbling cries, brakes, bicycle speed, leaving the Hanoians many joys, sadness, memory of a poor but simple times, bold love more than now.   Electric cars are a modern means of modernization, connecting rural and urban areas, leading to many markets: Dong Xuan market, Buoi market, Hom Market, Chau Long market, Mo market. On the train, people talk, naturally laugh at home. I have to sell oil is hard to hear a little to heaven, especially the singer singing Xushman literally sound. Jumping the train is a special game for Grapefruit students, running along the running train to jump up, or jump from the train running down. In 1921, a pupil of the Buoi school boycott did not take the tram to protest the overbearing attitude of the West controlling the ticket (according to the Hanoi study Nguyen Van Uan).   In the late 1960s, during the American bombing period, I once took my friend French poet F. Corrèze on a trip to Pompey. About the French she has told the trip in a travel book as follows: "In front of the Dong Xuan market, the tram stopped very long, was abandoned, the driver disappeared, then one, as wedge Among men, women are more numerous than men, standing pressed together, protruding several heads of children. The ship went so fast that the children in the street ran, jumping up easily.   The majority of women are rural, have difficulty guessing their age, wear long brown hair, black teeth, rural flavor, vegetable water, betel nut garden.   One of the women pulled from the baskin leaves and asked her to sit in the corner of the car. She received a natural way, took lime from a small box and a piece of palm leaf, and began to chew. Lim lim dim, like enjoy the pieces of betel nut in the neck. One baby fell asleep on the shoulder of a mother who had no seat. A sister sitting on the chair holding hands to pick up the baby for her mother tired. The two do not know each other, but they are probably the same age, and the same poor looks.   The chewing betel chewing gum, commented a sentence that people around him laughed: "Hey smart it to you!" It is also good for him to hold a baby in the year to have a baby, take him for a "rejection". The mother hugged her back to the parking lot behind the winery, where she worked as a worker.   One, two, three ... many station stops. The train ran slowly, enough time to get together and have a little trouble when getting off the train. "   Train should sense! Wading a ball!

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