Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lunar New Year to go to spring far, to Phu Quoc not only nice but also fun!

Lunar New Year, go to Phu Quoc to experience the warm spring in the South with blue sea paradise, sunshine, white sand, and experience the exciting sea game with Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

Nam Phu Quoc or "earthly paradise"?   Nam Phu Quoc owns a chain of 18 islands, in which only five islands are inhabited, the rest are pristine islands, beautiful. So, when you come to the May Root, Cloud Offshore, Ngang Island or Hon Tay island, Vang island, Hon Vong, Hon Chong ... as well as you are lost a step between the "real world".   The water here is crystal clear, the white sand is smooth like the skin of a girl in spring. Here, the rocks stacked on top of each other, ken sea between mountains and forests, spectacular as the installation exhibition of a certain artist.   Under the water is not a ripple in Ngam sand, coral blaze as vibrant as the ball. No need to dive, from the boat to look down, visitors can admire the choral dance. Someone who has come here and wants to build a hut, living island life.   There is a beautiful Phu Quoc viewed from above, you do not know At the beginning of February 2018, Hon Thom opened the world's longest cable car, linking An Thoi Town in Southern Phu Quoc, Hon Loai Island, Hon Dua Island, Thom Island, to visitors to the complex of fun. Modern entertainment, the scale is forming on the island. From above, visitors will be most visible island sea paradise with the turquoise blue of the sea, the dark blue of the jungle and the blue sky in the water. On the blue background is the shade of black stone of the cliff at the edge of the water, the pure white of the long curved sand crescent shaped crescent.   Occasionally, a canoe dashes across the sea, leaving behind a long wave of nails.   Have a chance to collect all the eye, we can see that the island of Phu Quoc is any less compared to the Maldives, Bali (Indonesia) or Boracay (Philippines) ...   Have fun to drop gas with countless exciting games on the sea Those who come to Thom island come to a whole new world of exploration and enjoyment, by the new amusement park called Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park brings nightly activities to us. interesting sea, umbrella pull, banana float to surf on a jet ski, jump wave.   Visitors can also face the coral reefs, scuba diving or walking the sea floor to see with their own hands, touching the wonderful creatures of the ocean will make visitors satisfied...   There is a kayak sport so that people who love to venture into the spillway to the lesser known beaches. There are floats so children can play all day without getting bored. Golfers can play golf in the sea for free. One day in Thom island, as usual, it seems not enough to play all the games.   Enjoy the culinary arts of the three regions Going to the beach is a must to enjoy seafood. At the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, the long-distance guests are treated to hundreds of delicious delicacies and convergence in a large dining area of ​​thousands of hectares located right next to Trio beach - the most famous beach on the island.   There are 6 restaurants for guests to choose from a set menu or a dish, or eat buffet, or choose fresh seafood to cook the restaurant to your taste. At the same time, the price of food is also an extremely suitable pocket.   Visitors want to buy specialties as gifts, there are specialty markets with all kinds of fruits Southern invited guests to enjoy.   Nam Phu Quoc is so beautiful, a fragrant island filled with joy as it is enough for your family to have the warm spring early, busy laughter during the Lunar New Year or not? What are you waiting for? Do not plan to travel this holiday Phu Quoc today!

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