Sunday, April 15, 2018

"Memory of Hoi An" flowed in time in the old days

Show Memories Hoi An bring visitors about the building years of Hoi An until the flourishing stages and until today. With the message "One Hoi An Day - One Hundred Years of Nostalgia", an impressive outdoor performance program was performed at Hoi An Impressionist Cultural Park.

  "Memory of Hoi An" brings tourists back to the ancient years "Hoi An's memory" is a boat that takes you back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The flourishing, ups and downs of Hoi An are best described in the 400 years of the calendar. history. The loosening of the loot at the opening of the show weave the size of the silk in each period. Girls loom weaving looms help audiences can imagine the simple life, everyday Hoi people at that time. Picture 100 girls in white dress walked on the light path for the show. Many people like this image represent the old town through different periods of history. During the 60 minutes, visitors can witness the daily activities of Hoi An people. Small family photos with spouses and children, a sense of peace in the old days. Viewers are even more surprised with the wedding scene Princess Huyen Tran and the King of Champa. A magnificent wedding took place, reflecting the customs, culture and economy at that time in Hoi An. A tearful love story resumed full of highs that the audience can not take their eyes off the show. Men and women love each other salty, he must go to sea, forever not return. The girl remembered the boy, the night was carrying the lights to find, find and find forever not see where he was and she turned into stone. Back on the moon every night, Hoi has the practice of releasing flowers posted on the river, praying to bring sincerity, loyalty and loyalty to the guy in the sea. Not only that, an international bustling international port, merchants from countries all over the world come to Hoi An, Japan, China, Portugal, and Arabia. They describe the process of cultural integration, Establishment and construction of commercial wholesalers. The show "Hoi An Memory" reached a record high overwhelmed The memory of Hoi An through the period makes you proud of the flourishing years, ups and downs of Hoi An. It was not a coincidence that the show was so epic that it took two years for the screenplay, 2 years for the rehearsal, to come here. Hoi An's memory is gathered by a team of well-known experts in various fields such as history, painting, culture, art ... more than 500 professional actors from 3 regions of the country. In addition, the large-scale stage-setting scene on an area of ​​25,000 square meters, a grandstand of 3,300 seats, a 1,000-meter stage stage along with sound systems, spectacular lighting and professional. The record company of Vietnam has just honored and recognized the show "Hoi An memory reached two records: + Largest outdoor stage in Vietnam. + Daily art show with the number of actors Mostly in Con Hen, Cam Nam and Cam Chau (Hoi An). The charismatic show "Hoi An Memory" attracts many visitors to see and admire. This artistic program demonstrates a great attraction in the development of tourism and the promotion of street images in the international community

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