Saturday, April 14, 2018

More than 40 years of tea still attracts customers in Saigon

The 16-course tea shop on Su Van Hanh street has existed for nearly 40 years, attracting hundreds of customers every night is the address for those who love this dish.

  Unique tea trays   People in Saigon long called this "tea five hundred" because of the tea price was 500 dong, linked with many generations of students in District 10, District 5. TAMMAR is just like the unique selling form that makes up the brand.   Before each dish has only 6 cups, over time it is increased to 8 cups and now is 16 cups. A full tea tray consists of three tea, tea, banana tea, corn tea, white tea, taro, tea ... with coconut milk jar, sticky rice plate and flan. Enjoy the tea tray   Each of the tea in the tray has a unique taste lieeujd diary carefully selected. Tea here only slightly cool, not eat ice cream should have a slightly sweet. Only the flan and coconut vegetables are evaluated delicious, smooth and true taste, less blended.   If two or three people do not eat a tea tray but if 4-5 to moderate. Each person will taste different teas to know all the tastes of the dishes here. However, you can also order 2 to 4 tea calls without necessarily calling the tray.   The shop is open from 16 pm to late but always crowded guests in place and buy bring. Do sit on the sidewalk should be slightly dark, simple plastic furniture, but at the peak you have to wait for the table is empty.   Visitors to the tea bar are not only students who also work often to enjoy, most visitors to the restaurant are good reviews of tea here and the price is reasonable. Different from the small space and the flush of the shop, pot and tea tray bring the feeling of hygiene and quality to guests completely enjoyment. The price of a tea tray from 75k, tea is served free.   Shrimp is delicious food that anyone to Saigon also want to try once. If you have the opportunity to Saigon you definitely have to try this delicious!

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