Friday, April 20, 2018

Mui Ne tourism explores sand dunes

Travel Mui Ne visitors will experience a lot of interesting activities, from the barefoot in the warm sand, try strong feelings with slipping from high slopes, create unique shoots with sand hill virtual, or simply blending with the seemingly endless space of sun, wind and sand.

Mui Ne sand dunes are one of the landscapes that have captivated the footsteps of famous poets, painters and photographers ... ... Sand dunes are also known as Sand Hill, because of the shape Its changing day by day, every hour. That is the magic that tourists travel Mui Ne always want to discover the beauty of sand dunes that do not know boring. Cat Mui Ne is located in Quarter 5, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City. It is one of the sandy beaches stretching for miles, spreading in an unspecified area with a large whole. Sand dunes are formed from a long time, with a total area of ​​nearly 50 ha from Binh Thuan province to Ninh Thuan. The sand is in many colors, mainly colors: yellow, ivory, dark red, light red ... mixed together look very nice. The color of the sand is the old iron tectonic tectonics do not give a single yellow color that gives a lot of colors, for example to 18 colors, can list some of the following:
• Red: The main color of the sand, most visible and most common. • White: lying on the beach and doped. • Pink: the color is below the red, see the other side of the sand hill, at Suoi Tien - Hong Au Au Co - Lac Long Quan. • Grayish white: This sand color is located on the boundary of Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan stretching on a large scale is the cause of poor soil fertility. • Black red: muddy, hard and soluble, this color is concentrated in Penglai. The sand here has made the aspiration of sand artisans looking for raw materials to create unique sand paintings. The formation of hundreds of shapes, a hundred forms of sand is caused by the wind turbine. and blow the thin sand over the top. Combined with the erosion of sand and coastal erosion, the desertification and landslide of the coastline are extremely serious. This attraction attracts many visitors to Mui Ne tour due to the beautiful shape of the sand and the color of the sand. The most unique point of Mui Ne is that after the big wind or through a period of one day and night, the appearance of the sand hill becomes completely new, different from the previous shape. Wind to create sand dunes into countless shapes: the animal lying down, naked girls naked lying down, steep as straw, climbing to the top also slightly ears. Mui Ne travel to sand dunes in the windy season, the sand dunes are changed through the whirlwinds, it changes every hour and difficult to see the images are reconstructed. The cause of this particular phenomenon is due to sand dunes influenced by the elements of nature such as monsoon, climate, weather ... especially monsoon. The two northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon influences directly affect this area, causing a gradual change in the appearance and shape of sand dunes, thereby creating unique landscapes. Travelers traveling to Mui Ne to sand dunes in the rainy season, sand dunes like a fanciful color, different from the traditional "orange" color in dusty sand dunes. Because of these interesting features, Mui Ne sand dunes become an attractive attraction of visitors at home and abroad.

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